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Hello again everyone :-)


So today I've been to see a gynaecologist, they did an external and internal exam, then didn't find anything wrong. I did a urine sample and also they took swabs from my cervix to test for infection, they didn't find anything with these either.

They did have a look at some recent ultrasound results, I have two small fibroids but she said that these shouldn't be causing me pain. Also the cervical polyps that I was told that I had couldn't be seen either! In the end I have been prescribed with amitriptyline for my pelvic pain and to see how that goes. I've been taking Ferritin tablets now for a week as my doctor said that my iron was low.

Obviously I didn't want them to find anything sinister but I feel a bit in limbo at the moment because there's nothing conclusive :-(

Nicky xx

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Heya! I feel for you - I’ve had every test (mri, internal, ultrasound, urine sample etc) come back fine and yet I have every symptom of endometriosis. I have my laparoscopic surgery next Wednesday and I’m so nervous - not for the actual surgery - but that they won’t find anything and be able to help my daily pain.

It’s crazy how we wish for a chronic disease but I think everyone on here can relate to just wanting an answer at long last!

Hope you get some answers soon xx are you having a lap?

Clear test results mess with your head and make you doubt yourself. I had blood tests, scans, internals, a colonoscopy, an endoscopy and an MRI, all clear except a fibroid. I had a laparoscopy in May as there were no tests left and I was still in pain and my symptoms were worsening and they found endo in 4 different places. Don’t let them fob you off with clear test results, you know your body best. Push for a laparoscopy as it’s the only way to confirm endometriosis.

Best of luck xxx

Hey, I second the ladies replys above.

They make you feel like you're going a little crazy.. It took for me to be admitted to hospital in that much pain I couldn't walk to be heard by anyone. I still got sent home after two days of finding nothing on scans, bloods etc but my GPs finely listened to me. I saw a specialist who got me in for a laporoscopy and found 3 areas of endometriosis tissue.

Please keep going and be strong even though it's so draining.. when I left the hospital the first time with no answers I cried for two days because I felt like I was mad. I now have my answers and although I'm struggling a little at the moment I know my GPs HAVE to listen to me now I have the diagnosis!

I hope you get the help and answers you need. Good luck xx

Hello everyone! Thank you all for your replies 😊I haven’t got a lap booked in, they’ve just given me the amitriptyline and said to try that. I’ve started taking them today as I’ve been full of cold the last few days so been taking cold and flu tablets. I don’t like to take too many tablets if I can help it! I only took it half an hour ago so fingers crossed it goes ok. Hope the surgery goes ok and they manage to help you Islandgirl01 and of course everyone else. It’s good to know that there are people who understand on here 😊it’s the not knowing that’s the hardest thing and feeling like you’re a mad person! xx


Hi Nicky,

Although we differ slightly with what’s going on in our bodies, I’ve been through months and months of investigations including internal and external scans etc, and each time everything cane back negative. I did push for a laparoscopy as I wanted answers for my unexplained pain and although my consultant insisted that my results would be negative, she found 3 separate issues during surgery!

I’m sure you’ve read and heard many times before ‘ Only you know your body’ but it’s true... stick to your guts girl and find out what’s going on.. you’ll get to the bottom of what’s going on, don’t give up.

I hope this helps x

Hello Joanna,

Thank you for replying to me, I'm sorry again for the delay in replying, I seem to be pretty bad at that lately! Your reply does help, I'm glad there are so many people on here that know how I feel :-)

I'm taking the Amitryptiline and I haven't had any improvement on my pains. The only positive is that it can make me drowsy and I seem to not wake up in the night so much! It's taking me longer to wake up in the morning and my mouth feels dry, plus I have a cough which could be related, I'm not sure!

They said at the hospital that I could have IBS which they're going to investigate, oh the fun of it! I know it sounds daft but I can live with that, it's the pelvic pain that I just want gone or at least improved. I'm sure you know and have the same thing but it really gets me down at times and I find it hard to describe how it feels, you're right only we know our bodies.

Take care

Nicky xx

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