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Recently had a diagnostic laparoscopy that diagnosed endometriosis. Was treated at the time. My check up appointment is in 4 weeks but reading online is scaring me. Should I be changing my diet and lifestyle straight away.

I have had a few drinks tonight and not felt any pain but before my treatment I got pain after alcohol. Should I be wary of drinking from now on.

Basically I'm very worried and confused of what happens now! X

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I am felling the same had my operation two weeks ago now currently sitting with extreme back pain worried incase it's back !! I am defo cutting out drink and un healthy foods also been told drinking warm water before breakfast helps with pain

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After my operation I wasn't told any advice. But was told I will have everything explained in my post op appointment in a few weeks. Just worried in case j do more damage.


Hi, you could look into the FODMAPS diet. I find limiting wheat based products(bread, biscuits etc) helpful with bloating/fullness, also limiting sugar and processed foods helps me. You will find your triggers. Keeping a food/pain diary can help and you can cross reference when you eaten certain foods vs pain you may experience within hours to a day after eating those foods. Good luck


Thank you very much. I will follow you advice.


Hi some people do find that changing diet and lifestyle can help while others don't.

I don't think there is any hard evidence either way , so do what you feel is right for you.


Try and stay off foods rich in phyto estrogen I felt better ln a diet rich jn vddge and fruit ....less bread znd meat


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