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How do i stop feeling confused and despaired

I am new here. I was recently diagnosed to have ovarian endometriosis after ultrasounds, transvaginal ultrasounds and ca 125 tests. Two gyneas suggested an ovarian cystectomy while two others said the laparoscopy doesn't always guarantee it would not recur so they prefer i look at the medical approach first rather than surgical. One of the latter put me on oral contraceptive pills OCP(21 days white pills, 7 days placebos) I found relief from the horrifying acute pelvic pain for about a month, the pain is gradually creeping in after my period ended. i am back to pain killers to keep the pain away, as soon as the pain med wears off the pain comes back. Celebrex and tramadol aren't effective anymore for me. Does anyone have a situation similar to mine, I am on the 2nd packet of the OCP. Should i continue hoping to find relief or i need to look for an alternative medical approach? I am uneasy about the pain meds because of the side effects and how i keep using stronger meds which my body is getting used to. Suggestions and advice would be very much appreciated. Endo pain is horrible and it is affecting the quality of my life and work. I am really scared for my fertility too.

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Hi the only real way to diagnose endo is through a laparoscopy. If you have a endometrioma then you are more likely to have endo elsewhere. Endometriomas don't go away they just get bigger. You need excision surgery if you want to preserve your fertility. I would advise you ask your GP to refer you to a BSGE endo centre and not a general gynaecologist.

Search on here for a lady called Lindle and look at her posts on treatment pathways and on how to get a referral to a BSGE centre.

Good luck.


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