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Introduction & symptoms - could it be endo?

Hi all :) I hope this type of post is okay. I am feeling pretty scared/anxious/frustrated and don't really know how to talk about this subject to people I know yet.

About a week ago I was experiencing some bad abdominal pain/cramping. I was about 4 days before I was supposed to ovulate, so it was unusual. Also, it was in the middle, lower part of my stomach; my normal ovulation pains are sharp and on either the right or left side. This pain is what got me researching what could be going on, when I discovered endo. I had heard of it before but did not know what it was.

After reading the symptoms I can't help but think I may have endo. A little background: did not get my period until age 14. I am 26 now. Have been on birth control almost the whole time (went on it to help control my very heavy periods). Just went off of BC 7 months ago. Here are a few of my symptoms:

-very heavy flow

-painful menstrual cramps (not as bad as others here it seems, I have never vomited or passed out, but I do have to take ibuprofen every 4 hours and wear stick-on heating pads on the worst days of my cycle)

-fatigue, especially during ovulations and my period (I can remember high s

-long periods - used to be 10 or 11 days when I first got my period. My cycle was only 22 or 23 days long then also. Recently they have been 7 or 8, with a normal 28 day cycle.

-lots of bloating and just discomfort in my lower abdomen. especially during my period but on and off throughout the month.(I exercise 5x a week and eat a healthy diet)

-migraines - these are not nearly as bad since going off BC. maybe 1 a month now. I do get headaches at least once a week though still.

-cystic acne. again, not terrible but it pops up. I take a special supplement for this made by Murad which helps.

-pain during/after intercourse but its not terrible, and no bleeding after. I've thought this was normal to have a little bit of pain?

-upset stomach during week of period (some diarrhea and having to go more often than usual)

-usually have a UTI about once a year

One thing that is unusual though in regards to possibly having endo is that since going off BC my cycle is very regular. I always ovulate on the full moon and bleed starting on the new moon. However I do spot some before starting and when I ovulate.

I have an appointment with a gyno scheduled in 2 weeks. I just wanted to hear some of your opinions and maybe give me some advice on how to talk to her. I have read a lot of horror stories as far as being taken seriously on this issue. The pain and discomfort I can deal with but I'm worried for my fertility in the future. Thanks everyone in advance :)

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I may be wrong but I think usually endo suffers start their periods very early not late.

To Me it sounds like you have bad periods but possibly not endo.

Again I could be completely wrong.

Try not to worry just tell gynae everything all your symptoms and discuss your concerns!


I have heard this as well, so that (along with my regular 28 day cycle) are throwing me off. I had a very low body weight as a child; not sure if that had anything to do with it. (I was always just very active and had a hard time gaining weight). - thank you for the response :)


AFAIK there is some evidence to suggest that endo sufferers tend to start early but this doesn't mean all endo sufferers do or that you don't have it if you didn't start early. I started at 13 and have it with bells on.

It could be endo. The fact that you don't have some of the really dreadful symptoms you've read about doesn't mean you don't have it - my symptoms are severe but I'm 38 and my disease is advanced because I'm older and it's had time to progress. My symptoms weren't always as bad as they are now.

I'm sure you will anyway but make sure you tell your gynae everything. Don't think oh, it's not that bad, I won't mention it. Hopefully they will be pretty clued up anyway and as you've already got that far, you're making good progress.

Hope everything goes well.


Thank you for responding and for the info :) I will be sure to do that. Yes I'm glad I was able to get an appointment this soon. I called another office and they weren't able to schedule an appointment until December! Thank you for the well wishes.


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