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I reduced milk in my diet a couple of years ago, only have 2 cups of coffee per day, I don't eat cheese, have butter once or twice per week and cream very occasionally.

Intolerance testing showed an intolerance to lactalbumin and casein.

2 weeks ago I starting using goats milk in my coffee and have had a huge reduction in pain and bloating. I had a period at the weekend and it wasn't as painful as normal.

Has anyone else had this experience or similar? x

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Not specifically with lactose issues but other sensitivities, such as gluten and sugar.

My understanding is that your body's reaction to a food allergy won't just be demonstrated in your gut health. It will cause inflammation elsewhere. So it might be that by cutting out lactalbumin and casein you have significantly cut down the amount of inflammation overall and this will have an impact on your period pain. Does that make sense?


Hey, yes it does make sense, thank you. I also cut out gluten after intolerance testing 2 years ago and it had a good effect x


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