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Strange symptoms for weeks after lap

It's been almost 6 weeks since my diagnostic lap and I've not felt properly well until now. Just this weekend I seem to have finally turned a corner (although, I have thought that before, so who knows!). I've been wondering what on earth is wrong with me. I don't really think the lap or GA caused this, but the symptoms did start after it, so I thought it was worth a quick post incase anyone can tell me they've experienced the same?

- aching, stiff-feeling legs

- weak / numb feeling in my body especially my knees

- feeling trembly/shaky throughout my body although not visibly shaking - lasting all day

- chills, waves of shiveriness, with my face feeling hot (took temperature a few times but it seemed normal)

- sometimes feeling more tired than usual, falling asleep on the sofa

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Hi, I have had three lots of surgery and got some of these kinds of feelings weeks and even months afterwards. Just as much with the minor surgeries as the much bigger one. I felt it was my body reacting to the anesthetics that had been used or the trauma of the surgery aswell or something like that. Have you got a follow up appointment to talk to someone about it? The shivering and feeling hot does not sound so good. Good luck 😄.

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