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Ovulation pain


today ovulation pain is getting too much and getting me down. I'm sleep deprived and feeling sorry for myself, and this is basically me just saying woe is me!

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I used to get quite bad ovulation pain before my lap 12 weeks ago, it settled down a bit after the lap but this month it has been really uncomfortable again and seemed to last longer. So I know how you feel xx

this is the worst I've had in a while too, hence the self absorbed poor me post! I hope you dont have too much pain at the moment x

Mines settled down since I actually ovulated, it's so strange. I'm trying for a baby so it's good that I know when I'm ovulating but can't help but worry about the pain.

Hope yours settles down soon xx

aww all the best with that xx

Oh god i hear you. I have dreadful left sided ovulation pain today i can barely string a sentence together. Its such a deep boring type pain all the way down to my knee. Some days it makes you think how much more can i take of this?Mine is definately getting worse each month. Just to let you know you are not alone x

had to check that I hadn't typed that msg!!! Literally described how I am feeling. Hope you get some relief soon xx

Ha i thought the same reading yours! I must say there is something quite powerful about being in touch with other women going through the exact same thing and that just get it. Though of course we wish none of us had to feel like this. Hope you get some sleep tonight x

it makes me feel less alone in this! Wish a pain free night to you too xx

Oh god, even i had to double check that i hadn't typed this. Its the exact same for me and it is the left side every freaking month. Why doesnt it at least alternate so my poor left side can get a respite :(. This time the pain is much worse than before, radiating all the way upto my shoulders and down to my toes. I have been through 2 laproscopies, multiple cyst aspirations, lupron, birth control, accupuncture, endo diet, supplements...you name it, i've tried it. Nothing helps. I have had two failed ivfs. I just dont know what else to do and i have started feeling really really depressed lately. It does help a bit to know that there are others going through the same thing and are somehow holding on. Its so ridiculous that there is so little research and options for women suffering from these problems.


I am new to this page and as much as I don't want anyone to feel this pain, I am glad I am not alone even though at times it feels like it. I am feeling really emotional today and a bit fed up as it all seems never ending.

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that's exactly how I'm feeling today and the fact that people have replied who actually understand has taken the edge off. I hope that you continue to find solace here also xx

Oh god I feel all your pain! Today was a little sore so I thought I know what I'll do I'll go to my high intensity training class (I know must have had a momentary case of madness) well halfway through I collapsed. Think I have the trainer a scare so they called an ambulance. All the time I moaning about how I'll b fine and it just ovulation (crazy huh) went to a&e and surprise surprise discharged with a see ur consultant and some paracetamol!!!!!!! I mean really. So now sitting here feeling sorry for myself 😢

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oh you poorly pickle! I have a few near collapses people dont get why I dont go into a&e but I know they'll do nothing and it settles with time. I hope you feel better very very soon!!!! Maybe no exercises tomorrow thoughxx

Hi I'm new to this site. I haven't been diagnosed with endometriosis but i have awful ovulating pain every month. The pain is both sides and goes down to my knees and up the sides of my body. When it's at its worse i cant stand up straight and my whole stomach bloats out. I've had so many scans and I'm told they can't see anything wrong and it's just my body so get used to it. People think I'm imagining it as they don't suffer like this. It's so nice to read these post to know others are going through this xx

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