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New to all of this

Hi people,

I've recently been diagnosed with endometriosis after having open surgery to remove a cyst off my ovary. I've also been diagnosed with pcos too.

I've been given the marina coil to help with the endometriosis, but this is known to give people cysts on their ovaries!

Im Just looking for more info and what other medication I could maybe try to help me with both my conditions is possible.

Thank you in advance

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Hi Summerdaisy, welcome to the forum!

I have the mirena too and my ovaries actually cleared up whilst I had it although I did just have PCO not the syndrome (I was misdiagnosed with PCOS a few years ago) so I don't know if its different but it certainly didn't make my cysts worse. My ovaries cleared after I completely cut out sugar and upped my exercise.

As far as the endo goes it is very much trial and error, there aren't many pills and potions that really work long term but certain lifestyle changes could help such as exercise and nutrition. I have heard that tens machines help and I swear by heat pads.

You will find heaps of hints and tips from the lovely ladies on this forum.

I hope you find things that work for you xx


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