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New to this

HI all, this is my first post here. Ive been going to my docs for a few months now thinking I had some food intolerances and had several blood tests and examinations etc. It wasn't until I kept a food diary I realised all my symptoms coincided with my period. I had another appointment yesterday and endometriosis was mentioned. I've been given Mefanamic acid to take for the next month to see if that helps any. Does anyone else have any experience with this?

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Hi RhiMcp,

Welcome to the forum!

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M Mary

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Thank you x


Hey I’m currently waiting for a lap but I have most of the textbook symptoms of endo that literally could be anywhere including my bladder and bowel.

I’m gluten and dairy intolerant but it only gets worse during my period xx


Hi, thanks for replying.

I have a lot of IBS symptoms that seem to coincide with my period as well. I had tests done for coeliac etc but they came back fine. Was still have problems so went back to docs yesterday and thats when they said endo. Haven't talk about a lap just yet just been prescribed the tablets and given to trial for the next few weeks. xx


I used mefanamic acid in Jan. it helped but tbh I don’t like taking it I’d rather find a more natural way of coping xx


Yeah I know what you mean, I’m not even sure if it is working as my periods have been all over the place I dunno when I’m next due, so I’ve started taking the tablets now. I have so many other questions about what this could mean and what else I can do to alleviate pain...


Acupuncture helps, I did that for a few months but again I just want to feel normal without having to do stuff to make me feel right. So I’m medication free atm, i still get pain but it’s bearable and if it gets to the point I can’t cope I know I’ve already been referred I won’t stop till it stops :). Xx


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