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Hi I've had endometriosis for around 8 years,got diagnosed 6 years ago to which I had a lap and given tablets for 3 months and at the time seemed to help things . Fast forward to now, and I fear the endo has moved on to my bowel, hormones and emotions are all over the place and I feel pretty rubbish ! Not usually a down beat person but struggling with a couple of friends who are less than supportive and don't understand. I'm on a waiting list for my next lap so can anyone recommend any things I can do to perk my self up and also how to deal with people who struggle to emphasise with what endo does to the quality of someone's life?

Thanks ! X

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  • Hi I sympathise re hormones & emotions! I went through a terrible 6 months and sought some counselling, helped enormously. Learning to not put yourself under too much stress is really beneficial.

    No-one understands what you are going through. Surrounding yourself with unsympathetic people can be detrimental to your well being. Keep communication going & tell them how you feel if they continue to be unsympathetic cut them out your life. You need to think of yourself.


  • Thank you ! That's really helpful! How did you go about getting counselling ? Was it through your GP? It's surprising because the one friend that is the least sympathetic is my longest friend ! A shame really! X

  • That is a terrible shame, I wonder what it would be like if the shoe was on the other foot. Going through what we are makes us more sympathetic to others I think.

    You can ask your doctor to be referred. I self referred I found a charitable organisation and applied myself. They were great, you make a donation of whatever you can afford, they recommend min £5. They gave me 10 sessions and it really helped me. I'm so pleased I did it. Not sure how I would have coped without it x

  • That sounds great, are you allowed to say on here what the charity is called ? Yeah it is a shame! Do you find exercise or changes to your diet helped at all for you ? Sorry for all the questions ha! X

  • No worries, glad to help. The charity was called mindspace, they are a local charity set up by someone in my area. I found them through google. Perhaps they have something similar in your area.

    I don't have the energy to exercise, I've been helping my partner in the garden and shifting logs. I want to take up yoga to see if that helps with sleeping and well being.

    I dramatically changed my diet last year, I got intolerance testing as I was sure there was something I was eating that was aggravating my symptoms. I cut out the things I was intolerant to and felt a lot better. It was very hard.

    I stopped drinking alcohol last year too it was upsetting my sleep/tummy and I would get terrible hangovers so I stopped last December. I occasionally have a drink (holidays/birthdays) and regret it.


  • Thanks that's really helpful! I've started not drinking if I can help it as it makes me feel worse than I ever used to and it fills me with dread to think that's what my next day will consist of ! I'll have a look locally to see if there is anything available . Is there anything you would recommend that has worked for you? I know everyone is different , but my symptoms just seem to be getting worse as time goes on and I'm shattered ! X

  • best advice ever! come on here and talk to us if fed up. as ppl without endi wont/dont understand xxxx

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