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Health insurance help!!!!

Hi guys I'm wondering if you can help! I was with a private insurer who were able to help me with their own private consultants who recommended their treatments which resulted in my second lap and then my third one too. My first was done through NHS who then said there's nothing more they can do for me and discharged me!

My private health insurer expected the second lap to do miracles and once I told them I had similar symptoms again they said as it's an ongoing illness there is nothing more they can recommend and they would no longer be able to cover me for it ☹️

I then had to join another private health care but for a pre existing condition cover that only helped with consultation. So everything else tests, treatments, procedures etc would all be out of my own pocket!!

I had to find my own consultant, waaaay away from where I lived, who specialised in endo and his treatment and advise seemed to work and my pain was down a bit (wasn't in agony) but it was still there and he recommended another lap. I've just had the quotes and I think I'm going to cry!! I don't earn a lot, I'm still living at home with parents, and do pay my way there too. The quotes are basically two months wages before all my bills go out! My family helping me out is a big NO (I haven't asked, but they're not very supportive of this illness so I wouldn't upset myself more by asking)

I already have a loan for my car and cannot top it up I've already asked, So I was wondering if anyone knew any other way I could pay for it? Any help that we could get for it? It's a shot in the dark but if there's any help out there I'd love to know how to be able to pay for this. My only other option is to not have it and stop treatment and discharge myself!

It's so sad that no one else could help me and NHS specialists and my own GP have literally said there is nothing more they can do! Like literally those were THE EXACT WORDS!!!


I feel so lost and helpless and in paaaaiinnn tooooooo 😩

If anyone knows of any help please could you let me know I'd really appreciate this!

Hope you're all have a pain free day!

Loads of love and big hugs to you all in pain!


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You can get a referral to a BSGE clinic. They are specialists in endometriosis and they will be able to help you. It's free on the NHS although there may be some wait times. If you are in England, you can request a referral from your GP under NHS Choices. I had to be really firm with my GP but he referred me in the end and I saw my consultant four weeks later. He was amazing, he has specialised in endometriosis for 20 years so is very knowledgeable. Have a look at the BSGE site for the closest clinic (bsge.org.uk). Choose a clinic you want, then take the details to your GP and ask him to write you a referral. There is no good reason why he should not do it. Good luck.


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