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Post laporoscopy! What is this feeling?

Hi everyone. I just had a diagnostic laporoscopy on Monday, diagnosed with stage 3 endometriosis. Thanks all for replies you gave me a few months ago when I was wondering what was going on.

When I breathe in I have this odd popping or clicking feeling at the top of my abdomen. Maybe a bit to the right. Anyone know what this is?

Generally feeling ok in terms of surgery recovery, just a bit breathless when I overdo it!

Got a follow up with consultant in 3 months, seems ages away! Why do they come and talk to you when you are struggling to wake up and are totally drugged up and won't remember what to ask them or what they told you? Haha. Seems so silly! At the follow up in a few months will they give me more information than the 3 brief lines they wrote on my hospital paperwork and letter To GP? It just says they found endometriosis and removed some lesions.

I have mixed emotions about the diagnosis and future treatments. But I'll be fine.


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Hi! I had mine about 2 years ago. I'm not 100% sure but I'm guessing the popping could be the gas they use to inflate your stomach during surgery. They told me it would take a few days for your body to absorb it. I would maybe phone the ward you were on and ask someone on duty.

You will get everything explained at your follow up so don't worry. I don't remember a thing of what they said to me after surgery. Thankfully my mum was there!

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It's the gas that they use to blow out your abdomen so they can see what there doing it will pass peppermint helps. X

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