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Oh well, good while it lasted

Oh well, pals rang me back today, said there is nothing they can do, my consultant only does 1 days surgery and there's no way of dating me yet, or bumping me up, and can't out source me to another hospital due to op I'm having , so back to not knowing what the flipping hell is going on,

And to make it worse im having a bad day, because I Faust myself to go to a local festival for a few hours yesterday,

Feel like crying, 😞😞😞😞😭😭😭😭😭

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Hun have you told them that you would accept a cancellation at short notice?


Yes Jean I've told them that, so fingers crossed, x


Hopefully something will come up. I'll keep mine crossed for you.


Could they offer some pain control management in the main time?

Is it the diagnostic lap you are having or the second treatment lap you are waiting for?

Hope you can get the surgery soon.


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