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Exercising after lap

Hi all, so I'm a bit confused in regards to exercise after my lap as I got told Exercise can hinder my healing but also told exercise will help healing.

I'm now 11 days post op (excision of endo) before my op i exercised 3 - 4 times a week a mixture of heavy weights and cardio, has anyone ever been told a specific amount of time to wait before exercising again?

I'm still tender and swollen so I don't want to push it so I was thinking of just starting with some walking next week which will be week 3 post lap depending how I feel, does this sound reasonable?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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Hi that sounds reasonable, just start off with light exercise and build it up.listen to your body it will tell you if you're doing too much.

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Hi there,

I too am itching to get back to my pre-op routine. Don't me wrong, I'm not Jane Fonda here, but I used to aim for my 10,000 steps a day (a mixture of jogging and walking) and used to love going for a long walk on a weekend ( recently did Scafell Pike).

To date, and I'm 2 weeks passed operative lap, I've done two small walks and they've both hurt and tired me out. Pleas be careful not to push yourself too hard and listen to your body.

Could you start with some gentle walking now and slowly increase? Heavy weights are definitely a no no at the mo in my opinion.

I hope you find a cknpromise between letting your body heal and getting active again, but please don't expect to (or be self critical of you don't) get back to pre-op territory quickly. Your base fitness is there and you can build on that again when you feel well.

K x

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Hi there, yeah I enjoy fitness just to keep healthy really and de-stress but my job involves me sitting a lot so I'm itching to get moving even though I can't be bothered at the same time haha. I definitely won't touch the weights I'll give that a good couple of weeks but yes I'll start with a little bit of walking and pick up the pace if I feel like it. I normally do step aerobics once a week I'm still unsure on that one or if it'll be okay if I make my step lower.

Thanks for your advice :)


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