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Lower Back and leg pain after lap

Hi all, so Its been 8 days since my second laparoscopy with excision of endo and for about 5 days I've been experiencing some intense lower back pain which runs into my legs sometimes with a little tingling in my right foot, it's not constant but it's there a lot and I read somewhere that this can happen due to your body healing, new tissue building etc had anyone else experienced this or heard about this?

I'm still experiencing tenderness inside but I only mainly have it whilst going the toilet (wee and poop tmi) and after or standing for too long and whilst pooping I get pelvic pain and pain in the exact same place but in my lower back on left side. Those I can deal with but this back and leg pain is driving me insane!!!

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Are you moving around a bit?it could just be the healing process but if it continues ring your Gynae xx


Yeah I'm trying to walk a little everyday and do maybe 1 house chore to make sure I'm not sitting too much, they told me to do this to aid healing X

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Hi, it is still early days, you have had alot going on in there, healing takes time,

If you are worried I would ring gp or consultant



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