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Bowel Issues

For a few months now on and off I'm having really uncomfortable persistent stomach aches (they're quite high up above the belly button/below the ribs) I've always had bowel issues with the endo but this is driving me mad. I don't feel I can eat or do anything and just react straight away, even if I don't eat it makes no difference. Sometimes I can have 5/6 bowel movements a day 3 or 4 of those can be within an hour or 2. I'm at my wits end, have tried many things and I am on Mebeverine as well as taking buscopan x x

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I also had stabbing stomach pain before the surgery. It comes quickly and I need to hold my breath when they come. It is a piercing feeling that leaves me unable to do anything. Usually it leaves me within 15 minutes. Drinking hot water helps.

They have all disappeared right after the surgery.


And mine is high up too, right beneath my chest

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