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How can I manage constant exhaustion?

Hi girls,

Hope you're all having a good week so far.

This weeks been dreadful for me, I'm in pain 24/7 and no pain relief seems to be working for me, and I feel constantly tired all the time.

I've been drinking a lot of water and going to sleep for 6-8 hours, I know that on 6 hours sleep I am bound to be tired getting up at 5:00/5:30 AM and getting home later in the evening, work just won't allow me to have any time off due to pain etc. And it's difficult to sleep at night with pains there :(

I can manage about 3 hours into the day and then I feel so lethargic again, I can't concentrate properly and I feel like I'm about to drop. Has any one else ever felt like this? I'm really struggling to manage the constant tiredness, I don't really like caffeine or any sugary drinks so I try to avoid these where I can, as it will only give me a sugar or caffeine crash later on in the day.

In regards to difficulty sleeping at night due to pain, I have tried deep heat gels on my legs and the bottom of my back, I've tried pain relief and also hot water bottles and wheat packs, and nothing seems to work.

Any tips??

Much appreciated,

Ni x

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Hi Ni, so sorry you are feeling like this. I'm the same, I get uncontrollable fits of fatigue after being at work for a couple of short hours and I have a huge crash mid afternoon. I am useless without 8 solid hours. I have recently forced myself to do loads more exercise which is beginning to help my energy levels and my sleep, I now walk as much as I can, do yoga and 7 minute circuits, I also have fruit and nut snacks on my desk to graze on, drink sage tea (for tension and inflammation) and lots of green tea (Clipper Cranberry Green Tea is lush!).

For pain at night I actually found that pain killers disturbed my sleep but also I was too tense because of pain, I take Holland and Barrett Valerian Plus tablets, they really help aid restful sleep and I have an electric heat pad that I sleep on.

I really hope this helps you, fatigue really sucks xxx

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Hi, thank you so much for all of your tips!

I was thinking of buying an electric heat pad or under sheet to sleep with but I find I always have hot flushes when trying to sleep, which is really strange! I have to sleep with a fan on most of the time even if the temperature outside is freezing.

I work in admin but my manager makes me cover reception a lot of the time which is annoying because I'm not a receptionist, so I can't really snack during work, which is why I have a lot of 'crashes' but I sleep for at least 8hrs per night when I can, there's just some nights I'm so restless that I get 4-6 which I know obviously makes me tired. Rotational shifts at work don't help either so I'm looking at changing jobs soon :/

I'm going to give some green teas or herbal teas a try, and may have to try the tablets you've mentioned, I've tried to exercise etc but it doesn't help me sleep at all, in fact it makes me more tired as I don't have the energy to work out!

I'll have to try little things and see how it goes.. Hopefully this is just a blip and I'll get back on track soon!

Hope you're doing well, thank you once again Xx

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I have a small heat pad that I just put on my lower back/tum and it switches off after 90 minutes so it is just enough to help me drift off. The 7 minute circuits are great because you work quite hard but not for too long so even when I am tired I can do it.

Try having high fibre, high protein meals to sustain you longer, lean in 15 is really good for meal suggestions.

Let us know how you get on x


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