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Long way from endometriosis and infertility to surrogacy and happy parenting

Hello everyone

I find some time and decide to full up my profile on this forum. I have a daughter (she is almost 2) she was born from a surrogate mother in one of Ukrainian clinics In Kiev. I'm married for 10 years and all these years we were trying to conceive. I had pelvic pain for years, my gynecologist keep telling me that it's just my period, its normal. Sometimes I had days when I couldn't stand up from my bed. After years of trying I've been diagnosed with endometriosis in my uterus and both ovaries (stage III) and my only option is surrogacy.

I was devastated and frustrated because I always knew the pain I had wasn't normal.

I can call myself lucky person coz I have the most supportive husband and family, we find the clinic which suits us. Ukraine is a nice country with a very friendly surrogacy law. They have a variety of clinics and reasonable prices. The contract we choose covers all the expenses. We spend money only on our flights, it’s very comfortable that you don’t need to worry all the medicine part is covered.

I met nice girl at the clinic and we become good friends, I felt than I’m not alone with such issue in this world.

I want to share my experience and may be help someone.

Loads of love to you all ladies!

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I think thats fantastic and im so glad you now have a daughter.

I believe that surrogacy and adoption should be more accessible for everyone in any country.

I am sure some ladies on here would love to hear this story and perhaps get some more info fron you.

Are you planning to add to your family with another surrogate baby?

I am sure your little girl is very much loved,as she was so very wanted.

Kind regards

Rose xx


Hi. Im new to this website but just had to comment on a lovely story. I've also been trying for years and now my periods have been terrible-I bled for 17 days two weeks ago-very draining.

I'm sure surtogacy is something we could consider also.

Thank you for sharing your story with us.

Kind regards,

Siani xx


Hi Siani12

oh no, did you go to your GP?

If you will consider surrogacy you are more than welcome text me, may be my experience could help you.

donnamur450@gmail.com - my email, in case you have any question

good luck dear


hello Rose

, thank you for the kind words

I know - surrogacy is a miracle for infertile couples. I would give a reward to every surrogate mother. My baby makes me so happy every day and I can't imagine my life without her.

Yes my husband and I really want to have one more child, hopefully a boy but if no it doesn't really matter. We need some time time to save more money for other program/.

But we definitely will go back to Ukraine


hi, sis. our stories have much in common. my endo wasn't going to yield even after two surgeries. two ivf circles with assisted hatching, bfns both times. ed ivf - bfn. i even had nightmares with all these negative hpts. surrogacy wasn't actually how we expected to give birth to our children. despite all ups and downs, it worked for from the very first try. long story to tell actually. btw, our clinic was also in the Ukraine. Fancy thing! what clinic?


Wow, that is just one amazing story! It will also help the others when they come into a situation to decide which clinic should be their choice for surrogacy. I am so happy for you and I hope more people will share their experiences!


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