I have suffered with migraines since I was young. I get 1 per month, they last 3 days and I am floored. Latter I think they are linked with ovulation and my period. The last couple of months they have been getting worse. 3 months ago it lasted 4 days, the last 2 months they have lasted 6 days and I have been ill. The only time it doesn't hurt is when I am sleeping.

I'm 40, had 2 laps & novasure but still get a tiny period every month. Don't take the pill and haven't had a mirena for over a year & a half.

Had full blood tests today as cant shake the fatigue and I am getting pain all over (legs, knees, hips, lower back, shoulder, neck, groin, usual endo pain) along with daily nausea.

Anyone else had anything similar?


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Hi, thanks for your reply. My triggers are chocolate and cheese so I totally cut these out my diet. I am also gluten free/mostly alcohol free (with the exception of special occasions).

I have signed up to Lara Briden's FB and newsletters. Very interesting about the B6 and mag and I will look in to this.

Many thanks! x

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Yep, plagued by migraines too - which usually go hand in hand with bowel/tummy troubles, and happen at least once a month. So far I'm laid up for no more than a day but afterwards I feel like I have a nasty bout of flu - shakes, sore skin, nausea, joint pain - the only difference being I don't have a cold.

I was diagnosed with ME/CFS after speaking with a GP about the fatigue, and being referred to a specialist, but I'm not sure whether it's all the adeno and possibly endo (awaiting lap at BSGE Centre).

Hope you get some answers!


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