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So I've always suffered from bad periods but it's always been something I can control. Then 15months ago I had my beautiful baby. Then a couple of months later I had the copper coil put it. Over the years I had tried many forms of contraceptives but the hormones never agreed with me. Now as I slowly stopped breastfeeding to no a full stop. I am in agony. I put the longer heavier periods down to the coil but this never ending period is the worst I've ever experienced. I ended up going to the docs because the cramps got so bad I was sure I was have a miscarriage. She believes I have endometriosis and I've got a hospital appointment on Friday. I am now sitting here with the pain back in full force with my baby asleep on me nearly throwing up and crying. How do I cope with the pain. How much pain should I be in before I'm concerned how do you look after a toddler when you want to throw up? What else could it be if not endo. I'm feeling so down at the moment and any help would be appreciated.

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Have you had the coil removed? X



This sounds like the coil doing this.

Did you get it out?

Pop it out if you didnt and i bet you will feel better.

Kind regards



Yes I think when i go to hospital I'm going to ask to have it out. I'm so gutted as I was really hoping this would work for me seeing as I struggle with anything hormonal 😔


Hi, I've been for my appointment and now I've got to go for some scans. They didn't seem to think anything was wrong with the coil. Now I have no idea what's wrong and im so fed up with new symptoms popping up every other day.


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