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Post op ovulation

Hi, I had my second laporoscopy in March (6hr op) the endometriosis was severe. Anyway after that I have ovulated however I had a period 13 to 17th May and then did not ovulate and started bleeding again on 29th to 31st may. I again have not ovulated since and I'm not sure why I was bleeding or if it was a period. If it was a period then I'm due again on 23rd June however if that's the case I should have ovulated a few days ago. Has anyone experienced this post op? Can anyone offer me advice as its stressing me out? Many thanks x

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Are you keeping track of your ovulation with a monitor?

I just thought you might be,as you are very sure you have not ovulated.

Sometimes the body can have a little shock after surgery and may ovulate fine,or may be sporadic or not all for a bit.

I ovulated within two weeks like you did and then kept going ok.

Could there be a post op infection with the on/off bleeding?

If not did they do a curette at the same time mate?

If they didnt,they should have to right your cycle.

If they did,you can have sporadic bleeding for up to 6 weeks afterwards and your period could be in there from 4 to 6 weeks.

How are you healing otherwise?

If it is not one of the above suggestions,i would be going back to the doc to get things checked out,just in case.

Kind regards



Hi Rose,

Thank you for replying.

My op was 18 March and have been back at work since the end of April. I seem to have healed great apart from this random bleeding.

I don't think it's an infection as I feel well in myself.

I'm not sure what a curette is? I know that my period went back to normal after the op it's just the last few weeks have been strange. It's over 12 weeks since my op. You might be right could be my body adjusting.

You're right i do ovulation tests as we've bee ttc for 3yrs now.

I'm back at hospital on 7th July, I'll have to see how things go and might have to go get checked.

Many thanks,



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