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I am so sorry to be moaning again.

I promise I'm a strong person normally and deal with pain pretty well.

BUT. This swelling is unbelievable. I Had a diagnostic lap on Tuesday and everything went fine apart from my blood pressure crashing. And they found endo.

Swelling was as expected the first few days after but last night the swelling got worse and today I am so bloated/swollen I can hardly move. My skin is itchy with the stretching and heat.

I can't bare it.

what if it stays like this?? Iv just spent month trying to get fit and slim, I'd be devastated if I'm back to a flabby baby tummy again. I know that sounds pathetic but it's how I feel.

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Hi hun.

I was like this also it lasts for a while.

Sorry i know it's a bit personal but are having bowel movements ok?

Peppermint tea really helped me with a swollen tummy.

It's still really early days hun some of it will be swelling due to the laparoscopy and some will be the gas xx


Thank you for replying.

No bowel movement since Monday so Iv been upping my fibre and water. Also been drinking peppermint tea with the hope it's gas.

I will try and go for a walk tomorrow. maybe make me feel a bit better. I'm just worried everyone will think I'm pregnant. I'd be the gossip of my little town lol.


Oh hun that made me laugh.

I think that because you haven't had a bowel movement could be making you look swollen. I couldn't go after so I had to up my dose of laxido until I went and then the swelling went down a bit.

Do you have any laxido? It'd good because it doesn't give you tummy ache like other laxatives, you can buy it at the pharmacy might be worth trying. Xx


To be honest I'm a bit worried about how painful it will be once they move. And I thought a lax would cause more harm than good.

It's quite normal for me to go this long and I'm not eating much so wasn't to worried about no movement.

I will have to wait until Monday for the chemist to open but will def get something then for it if I'm still not moving.

I only have dulax at home.


Yeah I get very constipated normally to I'm chronically constipated.

They put on my discharge notes not to get constipated because it very painful in that area from the op.

Laxido is the only one i take now because the others give me horrible tummy cramps.

I hope it all settles for you soon xx


Don't beat yourself up, it's just temporary, you're just feeling down that's all, once the anaesthetic gets out your system and your body starts to heal itself you will feel loads better, don't be so hard on yourself, and don't apologise for moaning, letting off steam is exactly what this place is for ;)

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Laxido is what made me go after lap too, it has been 5 days, it doesn't make it painful it just softens your stools a bit to help it pass ;)


Lol ;) give it a try, if no joy in the next day ask for laxido

Good luck!


Senna would make me cramp like hell! Laxido or Movicol (same thing different brands) do not and they really help to soften and move it along. I can take several and no cramping.

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Iv been in tears all day because of the swelling. I can't deal with it. It is so uncomfortable. Iv been drinking peppermint tea. Drinking plenty of water. Kind of taking it easy, bowels, gas, bladder all doing what it should now. Eating well(ish).

And I am still so swollen I can't move comfortable. Swelling on the side where the emdro is, is much more swollen than the other side now that my bowels are moving.

I'm normally a size 10 and I am wearing large men's tshirts with size 14 leggings that I bought. Which looks terrible as they are baggy on the leg.

God knows what I'm wearing to work tomorrow.

I know compared to everyone's problems this sound so petty but I'm so upset.

My belly button is also infected so I had to see the Dr about that and he said he was suprised at how swollen I am one week after but didn't offer any help.



I had my lap yesterday and I'm so swollen. You never realise how much you use your stomach when moving round till uve had a lap! I can't sleep due to pain, hospital said paracetamol and nurofen but they ent even taking the edge off pain so had to take Co codamol 500/30mg and 50mg tramadol just to help, but now because I've taken them I'm gonna end up blocked up! 😕


Yeah that's what I was taking the first few days. I think the trick is to take something every 4 hours like parcetimol and then top up with tramadol or something when it's not helping. I'm down to paro and ibro now but it took 5 days for the pain to settle. I was even that swollen the first few days. Just what you would expect. It was a few days after before I started really blowing up.


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