Anxiety - will I ever feel better?

Hi ladies, just looking for some support really. My endometriosis and adenomyosis symptoms have been really bad this year. Although I'm waiting for a hysterectomy I seem to have started my menopause too now. If I'm honest I feel physically and mentally awful. I'm really anxious about everything, work, my marriage, friends and most of all my health. I literally feel like this nightmare is never going to end and I'm never going to fee normal (or at least see an improvement in my symptoms) I feel ill ALL the time. Has anyone else experienced this level of anxiety? Will it pass? I feel like I'm losing my mind! Thanks

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  • it might be worth asking your gp for a mental health referral. CBT is really helping me deal with having a chronic condition. I hope it might prove helpful to you x

  • Hi, do you take anything for your anxiety??

    Are you hVing a hysterectomy for endo? If so are you under a bsge specialist centre??

  • Hi, I'm working through this at the moment too, My anxiety and depression is a roller coaster at present, the physical symptoms are daily, and I get flu like symptoms when I'm due on. I do take Sertraline for my mood, I've recently taken up yoga, which is really helping me to relax, and reduce my anxiety, like you I'm also waiting for a hysterectomy, please go to see your gp they may refer you for cbt or a course of Mindfullness, being a Rmn I found it very difficult to take a spoonful of my own medicine so to speak, but yoga and mindfulness has really helped me. Remember to take time each day for you, whether it's a walk, long bath, a's important to recharge and refresh, our bodies are going through a lot physically and mentally, take care x

  • I agree with both the above. You do need to know that you are being dealt with by the best people, so a BSGE Specialist Centre is best. Check the posts on here by 'Lindle' she's a geat expert on Endo.

    Also, you need to try and nurture, treat and coddle yourself. Talking to your GP about the anxiety may well help - and may help you to put all of the other worries into perspective, as well, especially if you do get help in the form of CBT or Mindfulness. But just treating yourself, doing things you like: exercise, singing, dancing, walking, going to classes ...whatever rocks your boat ... can also be part of the treatment.

    I too find yoga brilliant, and often go and do a stint at home, when I feel down. A mindfulness/relaxation tape could also help - plus, there are even books in the 'for Dummies' range that help: I've checked out the Endo, and CBT, and Anxiety books, and they all added to my coping strategies. I've also started sewing and knitting again - after about a 30 year gap. It's not everybody's thing, but making my own clothes while listening to the radio/music/audio books gives me a huge 'creative' buzz that helps me be 'up' much more of the time. I think fun and creativity are the best sources of self-help, as well as outside support; plus I've found that being able to seem a bit more positive, myself, then helps all the others (family, friends, workmates, etc) to be more able to help and listen.

    Hang on in there, but ask for help, while also looking after yourself.

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