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I feel like I'm 100

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Does anyone else feel like an old person?! I'm always tired and feel like I ache all over. Wondering if this is endo related? I feel like my hips and lower back are really stiff and I hobble around like I'm 100! I do have moderate endo all over my pelvis and uterosacral ligaments. Am mid cycle currently and endo pain has been worse recently and also goes down my left leg at times. Wondering if all endo or something else going on?!

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I have esactly the same symptoms

Have u thought about seeing a womens health physio they should know how to help this... i mean it wont heal u obviously but it may make u feel better.

I have pelvic floor pain and endo and it does help me with the pain, i still have bad days and good but at least i have good days now instead of all day.

We get so tight in that area because of the pain and inflammation that sometimes it can b muscular pain or tight pelvic area where we hold all our trauma

I don't want to worry you but I have endometriosis and also fibromyalgia. They both can cause muscle aches and pains but fibro pain is generally all over the body whereas endo pain is more prevalent in the areas where there are deposits and scar tissue. They can also both cause fatigue alongside in my case, being hypothyroid. If I was you I would have your thyroid levels checked and look into the symptoms of fibro. In my case endo has come in a package with other health conditions (including adenomyosis as well!), this might not be true for you but I would get it checked out as you never know.

Hi, I am the same as you, Endo and Fibromyalgia. Some days are worse than others, and I feel like I can't do anything.x

Sorry about this TinaBSheffield45 but on the other hand it's good to heat I am not the only one. Please let me know if anything helps you, thanksx

Thank you. It is early days, as only just been diagnosed with Fibro. At the minute I am finding co-codamol are helping a little with the pain, it is the extreme tiredness that is flooring me. Keep falling asleep at my desk at work, which isn't good. I have to alternate days of activity with total rest (when I can). On diagnosing my endo, they also found I had a blood clotting disorder as well, so bleed and bruise really easily, which isn't great with endo. They are considering physio to help with the Fibro, so will see. Hope you find something that helps.xx

Yep! Literally the same as you!

I defiantly feel older than my age I look it too getting constant aches through legs and a lot of time feel like iv got sore muscles joints I don't even know but I know I feel old. I don't have va life anymore at all 💗🤗😘

Hi there! I can totally relate to this! I'm 41 and was diagnosed with endo last year. Since my early 20's I knew deep down I had it and masked the symptoms for years by taking the pill.

My brother is an osteopath and treats my aches and stiffness regularly. I just told him about the endo and he said why didn't you tell me! it all makes sense to him now - the lower back pain, stiff hip flexors, aching legs and he thinks it's referred pain. The whole area tightening up caused by the endo. So I'm tackling this head on and making a plan to a) see a personal trainer to help me get stronger and fitter b) try the inflammation diet and c) have the surgery. I'll keep you posted with my progress :-)

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