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Hi everyone, for the past 2 weeks iv literally stayed in my pjs eaither laying on the sofa or in bed. I just have no energy to get up, get dressed and go out. I'm tired all of the time and when I have gone out im that worn out and in pain id rather not go out. I feel like people think I'm just being lazy but honestly I feel like everything is hard work, also I get recurrent urine infections that lead to kidney infections the week of my period which is the stage I'm at now. I need to sort out my work because there not answering my emails or calls they won't give me a SSP1 form so I need to contact citizens advice but I feel so run down and feel it takes so much energy just to do this. I'm also in my last year of uni needing to do a 10,000 word dissertation I honestly don't know how I'm going to do it I really am stuck. I'm only 22 and most my days are spend in my pjs, when I do need to go out I panic and try get out of it. Can anyone relate to this? I feel so alone at the moment. X

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  • Totally relate to you on this one. I'm in full time work but constantly feel tired. As soon as I'm home from work I'm straight in bed, & people always moan that I don't go out to be sociable. I physically can't and it just drains me. People think I'm lazy but they don't know what I'm feeling. I have to constantly sit down at work but luckily enough my colleagues are understanding! Xx

  • Hi it's awful isn't it I'm sorry you have to go through this too. I was a nursery nurse it was just to physical for me I would be in agony. I just feel a bit useless but I literally feel so drained all the time. I wish there was more of an understanding for this condition I may feel more at ease then. Thanks for your reply means a lot knowing I'm not alone. Xx

  • I can relate to you,I'm 29 and I'm a stay at home mum with 2 beautiful kids (was lucky to get pregnant in the first place!) and I'm a open uni student. Yesterday I had my laparoscopy and it feels like I'm dying :(

    Anyway, before the lap, I didn't want to socialise, go out and see people. Everything felt like a chore, I was constantly tired, by 3pm I felt like crawling into bed but I had to keep going for the kids. And I was in pain every day.

    Take one step at a time, try and rest as much as you can and if you don't want to do something, then don't do it! I used to feel pressured into doing things I didn't want and that can damage your mental health.

    As for the uni, do 1 hour a day if you can, better to spread tour dissertation down rather than doing it at the last minute. You can do it!

  • Hiya, aww thank you that message really did help, sometimes I do feel pressured into doing things because people think how can I possibly be like this everyday. So I feel I have to get up and go out sometimes. Well done you for coping with uni and your children whilst feeling the way you do! I'm really hoping I get offered a laproscopy soon, hope you start to feel better soon get plenty of rest, hopefully it gets better for you. Thank you so much it really helps hearing from people xx

  • Good luck Soph94 :) you can do it and thanks for the kind message xx

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