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Help Understanding Diagnosis

Good Evening All,

I am new here and newly diagnosed with stage 4 Endo and Adenomyosis via laparoscopy & hysteroscopy in March. I am currently waiting for a referral to BSGE Centre and have been looking back at my discharge notes to better understand the extent of my Endo ahead of my appointment.

I'm not sure I fully understand some of the abbreviations and wondering if some of you here can help please. The findings are reported as follows:

Bladder endometriotic nodules in UV fold

RV nodule with puckering of rectum

Bilateral U-S nodules

I've research online a lot, the trouble is the more I read the worse it sounds! If anyone can point me in the right direction I would be most grateful.

Best Wishes


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Hi Lou

UV means the 'uterovesical' fold of the peritoneum (pelvic membrane) that forms a pouch between the back of the bladder and front of the uterus. Nodules refers to a deep form of endometriosis that infiltrates tissue and becomes encased in fibromuscular tissue to form lumps. You have these in this fold. RV means 'rectovaginal' so you have a deep nodule somewhere in the rectovaginal area that runs from the pouch of douglas down through what is called the rectovaginal septum - the space all the way down between the back of the vagina and front of the rectum. Your bowel has been pulled by the nodule attached to it. US refers to the 'uterosacral' ligaments that run through the pouch of douglas and attach the back of the cervix to the sacrum. When endo affects these ligaments it is in the form of nodules that infiltrate them and both yours have nodules in them. You therefore had what sounds like extensive deep endo but are in the right place as this must only be dealt with in a BSGE centre.

Have a look at my posts on RV and US ligament endo and the one on the peritoneum to get a better idea of what is involved. x

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Hi Lindle,

Huge thanks for taking the time to explain this, I really appreciate it. It's so very helpful, was feeling a bit overwhelmed! I will read through your posts as you suggest.

Lou x

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