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Can any one help me please

Hi girls,

I live in Leicester,had laproscopy last year removed 2cyst from my left side Dr didn't seperate my ovary which is stuck to my bowel as he didn't wanted to damage.Anyway was on provera for 3 months every thing was fine was over the moon the suddenly started to bleed Dr stopped my provera and put me on the weighting list for hysterctomy,Dr told me first my endo will cleaned there would be bowel surgeon available then he will do hysterctomy.18 weeks passed didn't receive any reply from hospital.Suddenly gets a phone call next Saturday your surgery has been booked but my consultant won't be doing some body else will do and no explanation further.i straight away told them I don't won't this short notice time as I have responsibilities 5 days no enough give me pre booking dates ( had some family problems) and also told them that I want my consultant to do,spoke to my GP he told me you did the right thing can any one tell me what I should do as I am confused and pain 24/7.is there any one who lives in Leicester has gone through the same problem or they could tell me about their experience on gynecological department of Leicester,I am under Dr Gelbaya.

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Hi - we are not really allowed to name specific consultants but in an endo centre you must only be operated on by a named advanced excision surgeon. We communicated privately as this particular provisional centre is no longer on the BSGE list. I have emailed them to find out if they have been accredited or not as this will be of general interest. If not then you shouldn't be treated there but should request referral to an accredited centre. Have a look at my posts on the treatment pathway and how to find a centre. x


Thank you Lindle , hope you are fine sorry for the mistake I have done.


Don't worry - hopefully they will let this one through but if not I'll let you know privately.


Ok thank you


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