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Polycystic ovaries

Hi ladies, I have (yet another!) question! When I had my last lap back in 2011, the Dr said although there were no cysts present (one had ruptured prior to surgery), my ovaries had a polycystic appearance to them. I didn't question this until recently. Over the past 5 years I have been sent for around 8 scans, each time they've found a sizeable cyst. The most recent scans were February this year and then again in April. In February I had a 6cm loculated cyst, when I went back in April the loculated cyst had popped, but I had a 7cm simple cyst on my other ovary. Should I be worried about this and is it something I need to speak to my gyno about? Grateful for any suggestions xx

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Hi - polycystic ovaries in terms of a specific condition involves small underdeveloped follicles up to 8 mm in size but yours are a lot bigger than this. You are on the mirena coil and this is associated with ovarian cysts. I should think that this is the cause. But can I ask you what is happening with regard to getting a referral to a specialist centre for your endo? You previously had it in your pouch of douglas when you had a lap 5 years or so ago and were reporting ongoing pain recently and were talking about possible bowel endo. I think it is highly likely you have endo that has not been addressed and you really should seek specialist attention as the mirena is unlikely to do anything for it.


Would it be best to get a referral to a specialist through my GP or through my gyno? I haven't seen my doctor recently because tbh I have lost all hope of them helping, I just keep filing my prescriptions, taking the drugs and ploughing through. You're right though, the pain has been slowly but surely getting worse and more frequent and I think I've finally had enough. I just wish I could be more assertive with doctors!


Where in the UK are you?


I'm in Ashford, Kent


Then as you are in England you can choose to be seen by any consultant lead team of your choice. You have signs suggestive of rectovaginal endo and should seek a referral to a centre. Have a look again at my post on the treatment pathway and how to find a centre. Take a copy of the BSGE list with you to your GP and the NHS Choices page and tell then you now wish to exercise your right to a referral to a centre of your choice. Come back if you have problems as you would need to follow through with a letter.


Thank you for the great advice, I'll make a doctors appointment on Monday and do what you have suggested.

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