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bowel symptoms after laparoscopy?


I had my first laparoscopy almost three weeks ago. A large endometrioma was removed and a patch of surface endo from peritoneum behind my uterosacral ligament, the doctors said the spot where it was might be why I've had so many bowel symptoms even though I didn't actually have endo on my bowel. However, after the initial constipation from the meds and not moving much wore off, I've already had 3 short bouts of diarrhea post op. The last one might be because of a course of antibiotics I got at the dentist's. But... if my bowel problems were caused by endometriosis, shouldn't it be over post op?

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I think - just give you body more time to recover. If you had bowel preparations before the operation, it may affect you for months. Also with antibiotics, it takes 6 months for body to sort itself out. I always take good bacteria / probiotic supplements in case I need to have antibiotics.

Do you have a healthy diet? Are you avoiding milk and gluten? I would give my body more time before I would start to worry about bowel symptoms and would go to doctors with that. Good luck.

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Hi, I had similar surgery to you about 7 weeks ago. I had diarrhoea for the first week, but then it subsided. I avoided anything with too much fibre in and stuck to white bread, rich tea biscuits, potatoes etc until my system.settled down then soon as I felt a bit better I got straight into a strict endo diet....no dairy, wheat, etc. Give your body chance to recover you've been through a lot but If it carries on and you're worried then go back to your gp though just to double check. X


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