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Can You Get Pregnant On Prostap Injections?

Hiya everyone, random question but I'm just wondering. Can you get pregnant while ok the prostap injection even though it stops your ovaries? I am on the prostap injection the 4 weekly ones, I've been on them since October while I had my implant in but I had to have the implant taken out around middle to end of March as it was causing my anxiety to be worse. I haven't had a period since February before the implant was taken out. I am full of cold at the moment I think it's my sinuses/flu. But for a couple of weeks I have been needing a wee more than usual, I feel sick every night either just before tea or after tea and when anyone smokes near me it makes me feel sick and my belly is really bloated, I know it could be anything as I have endometriosis & adenomyosis so I know it could be to do with them or could be to do with because I've got flu/sinus infection which affect all that but the symptoms I am having are the same as the ones I had when I was pregnant with my 2 children. I don't think I am as I haven't been ovulating and haven't had the same symptoms I usually have when I am ovulation plus we haven't had sex as much as we usually do. But I'm just wondering if it is possible? Thankyou in advance. Xx

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Hi. Yes it is still possible to get pregnant whilst on Prostap injection. It is not advisable as this drug can harm the baby. I had Prostap too and was advised too use condoms. However side effects of Prostap meant that sex was the last thing in my mind. I would contact your GP if you are concerned. There is also information via Google. The Net Doctor and Patient UK has information in the Prostap injections. Good luck with everything.


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