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Questions so far for the Colo-Rectal surgeon. Can you think of anymore?

1. How many women have you treated for Endo?

2. Are you currently treating anybody else for Endo?

3. Have you collected and published any data in regards to Endo that I can view online?

4. What is your action plan for my treatment?

5. How long doyou think it will take to complete the gathering of information?

6. Excision method?

6a. Shaving

6b. Burning

6c. Segmental bowel resection - Disc or Full thickness?

7. how many times have you done this (proposed) procedure?

8. Am I a complex case?

8a. What percentage of your cases have been complex?

9. What is your overall success rates?

10. How many of your cases have ended in the use of a colostomy bag?

10a. Do you anticipate me needing a colostomy bag?

10b. Stoma?

11. what benefits can I expect from your treatment?

11a. Will the end result simply mask the symptoms or will it remove them completely?

12. If your treatment is unsuccessful do you have a recommended course of treatment?

13. Will you remove everything you find all at the same time?

14. Will it be Laparoscopy or Laparotomy?

15. Do you know where the operation will happen?

16. If you take pictures can I have a copy?

17. What is the post-op care plan?

17a. Pain relief

17b. Length of admission

17c. Will my post-op follow up appointment be with you personally?

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I'm interested to see the replies and would love to see what you learn from the surgeon. Some of these questions will most likely be answered when you receive the info for surgery though. Things like length of stay/recovery, pre and post op instructions, what to watch for post op as well as pain control. I would probably just ask the receptionist about a package of information for those types of questions. Depending on how long your appointment is going to be, you have a lot of questions there.


Yeah, I basically just wrote down things I would expect to leave with the information without having asked the question, also I threw a red herring in too asking if it failed what would we do, that's too far ahead but I thought it would give him food for thought and may be better prepared for the next appt 16th June. I just want to try to stay one step ahead knowing my options and them knowing they have to answer my questions. Its better if they know where I stand and hopefully broaden my knowledge base too x


I agree! Knowledge is power and its always good to try and get all your answers. Good luck with your appointment!!


Hi I am in exactly the same situation thank you so much for posting. It is so easy to get bamboozled during medical consultations. Thanks again


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