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Silly question ?

Hi all - I wanted to ask a silly question it has been suggested to me to try liquid iron and evening primrose oil to help with endo symptoms I have been doing this for a few weeks now ! I just wanted to ask is there any difference buying these things between say Holland barrett or a supermarket for example? I know there's a massive price difference but they say the content of the vitamin is the same so why do they cost so much less in a supermarket-is it like a primark v marks and Spencer's scenario ?

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Hi, I buy my evening primrose oil from tesco and it works just fine. Hope this helps x


I think it's just a brand thing, I must admit I wouldn't feel comfortable taking vitamins I bought in the pound shop but I do buy medicines all the time from Wilkinsons and supermarket. If it has the same stuff in it why pay for the name and the packaging. By the way does it work I'm up to try anything for pain at the moment most painkillers either make me feel dizzy or don't touch my pain. my doctor kept giving perscriptions for stuff I could buy over the counter and I said I'm not paying double for it. She wasnt very happy but did say it was the same stuff. So when I get a perscription now I ask the pharmacy if I can but it cheaper over the counter, obviously some stuff you can't but it's worth checking saves a fortune. Xx


Hi. Hope you are OK. Who suggested you tried this combo to beat endometriosis? There is only one thing that can stop the spread of endo, and that is stopping your monthly cycle.


Hi I'm afraid that is actually not true . Endo is fed by oestrogen. Even after menopause (whether natural, medical or surgical) endo can still develop. Severe endo produces its own oestrogen so is self sustaining..

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Hi all so no one said that iron and evening primrose would cure endo or even necessarily help with pain but just aid the symptoms ( pain is not the only symptom I experience) thanks for all your input has been helpful. I'm not sure how helpful taking the vitamins have been need to take for longer I think and also I had a gap in taking them too


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