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Miserable about symptoms "down there" !

Hi all

I will start by apologising if this post is a bit personal, but I am at my wits end and don't know what to do or who to turn to for advice.

Diagnosed with endo in Feb 2016, diagnosed with chronic bladder inflammation later 2015.

Prior to my laproscopy, I experienced awful soreness down below, along with burning and what felt like everything was swollen and "falling out". This would happen in the few days leading upto menstruation. However, since my laproscopy it has only gotten worse, and is pretty constant throughout my cycle. At times I can't even stand my knickers touching me or even walking will cause me irritation.

Any intimacy with my partner is incredibly difficult.

I have previously been advised to try simple lubricant, specific intimate moisturiser, wash only with water, use specific washing tablets, wear "proper" knickers and try intimacy at various times of the month.

I am taking the Cilest contraceptive pill (combined) and I am tri-cycling it.

I would really love some advice as to what to do. I appreciate that some of what I am saying is considered "normal" in the endo world, but I am beyond fed up with it.


Lauren x

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I am experiencing similar symptoms to you. I had a lap 4 weeks ago to excise endo and for the past 2 weeks I have a burning sensation down below, I had my follow up with my gyne last week and as I had some discharge he thought I had thrush. I got myself a thrush treatment and 7 days later the burning feeling has gone.

Prior to my lap one of my symptoms started out feeling like I had bruised my pubic bone and then the area around it started to ache. My gyne thought it might have been endo pressing on some nerves and said it should clear up afterwards. I do still have some twinges and aches down there and am not sure what it is at all.

Have you had some swabs done? Have you had a follow up appointment after your lap yet?

Sorry I can't shed much light in what you symptoms are but I know how you feel, I have pretty much had this discomfort down below for 2 and a half months now and it's so frsutrating and embarrassing.

I hope you get to the bottom of it soon xx


Hi Pinklady123

Thanks for your reply.

I had my follow up about 6 weeks after my lap in Feb - my gynae advised me that the symptoms would improve with the combined pill, but so far it's only gotten worse.

I have not had any swabs done - I am going to try and get in with the GP this week. I don't think my symptoms are thrush, but it could be worth buying one of those OTC kits to see if it helps.

Thanks, I hope yours symptoms sorted too!

Lauren x


I would definitely go to your GP and get some swabs done, just to check in case you have an infection or something.

Sometimes I guess it can just take time for our bodies to get over the lap and get back to normal. My gyne told me I would be back to normal after two weeks but I am no where near there yet. Xx


Try drinking diluted cranberry juice, this has helped me a lot. I still get a bit of these horrible symptoms but much reduced.


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