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still worried about my symptoms...

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Ive been wondering if i am right with symptoms , i have posted before with the what i am experiencing..and if i have Endometriosis..I didnt have a period last month, but i think i must be due sound. Ive had my symptoms as before but i am now experiencing constipation, which i know is on symptom, but also getting blood in my stools and it painful in my pelvis area when i do go.This get worse towards my period is duex Hope you can help. Thank Youxxx

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You are right that constipation and painful in pelvis area esp getting worse towards period is a symptom of endo.

Have you seen a gyno yet? If so have you had or awaiting a Lap? My advice would be, which I am sure you are probably already doing, is to go to your GP about it.

Sorry I cannot be of much more help. Hope you are feeling more better soon x

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Emi83 in reply to squidgy

Thank You so much for you kind reply. I have seen my Doctor in January, i listed all my symptoms ( which i have posted on here too) and she just said it is hormonal and because i have under active thyroid, (she never check my pelvis area) that i should expect it. I got given Mefenamic Acid, which only makes me sick, but i now only just experiencing constipation and blood in my stools and this only happens towards my period, and when i do go it painful in my pelvis and i have shooting pains down my left leg, which is where i get most of the pain from my left ovary.

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Emi83 in reply to squidgy

sorry to reply again i thought u send you the other symptoms i am experiencing..

Left side pelvic pain,

left leg pain,

left arm & chest pain,

shooting pains down my left leg & left side of my back

shape pain in my left side of my head ,



urgency needing to go for a wee & sometimes my left ovary has pain when I do wee,

dizzy spells,

feel sick/be sick,

feel tried but struggle to sleep,

heart racing, sweating,

sometimes wake in night feeling hot,

left belly button pain,

light spotting before my period

blood clots.

Diarrhea/loss bowels

I have gall stones too, but these only hurt towards my period starts.

This lasts from the day I ovulate all the way through and ease off a little when I am on But then I say 5/7 days after I finish it starts all over again.. it was a female doctor, she never even examined me or my pelvic area or ask for a urine test.

I have had a ultra sound scan in March 2012, it was clear & I did get diagnosed with under active thyroid in Sept 2012, but these pains started before then, & has nothing to do with the medication, its getting worse, she just said its hormonal & my thyroids. Maybe I am being stupid, selfish, over reacting. Thank you so much for listeningx

Firstly please do not think you are being stupid, selfish or over-reacting. One thing I have learnt, esp from this site, is that we know our bodies best! When we are suffering so much from all these symptoms and feeling down about it, the one thing that doesn't help especially is when a dr dismisses it all! Bless you, as I can tell you are not having an easy time with all those symptoms and I bet that is just an quick overview without going into details.

Re the mefenamic acid u take them with food? If not do because that was the thing the gyno I saw made sure I knew as she said it will make u sick otherwise! If u are taking them with food it sounds like they are not agreeing with you.

As you may already know, an ultra sound will not diagnose endo. It may show up cysts but that is it. A pelvic examination wont diagnose endo but it may show that when she pushes on certain spots it hurts! Try get an appointment near to your period so they def see how bad it is. That is if u can get out and about at that time cos I know it can be debilitating.

I would go back to your drs. Try another dr if u feel the last one wont listen, which sounds like it. Explain how u feel again, yes it may be partly what they reckon of the underactive thyroid, but that you think there is more to it, research u have done shows it could be endo and that you would like to be referred to a gynocologist. I know easier said than done to be strong and brave to a dr. If u r anything like me I seem to go blank minded and loose my strength and just nod like an obedient naughty child! Is there someone who understands who can go along with you for support and help argue your case of how it is affecting you?

Sorry if this is too personal and feel free not to answer. Infact u don't need to answer it was just something you may not have considered til now but do u find intercourse painful and having a smear painful? If so mention this too as that a sign of endo too.

Another thing that made me laugh is the dr saying it is just hormonal! well duh yes cos endo thrives on our hormones!

Sorry I have gone on a bit! I hope you get some better help soon from the gp and get some respite from your symptoms soon. I have an ear or 2 to listen whenever you need it. x

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Emi83 in reply to squidgy

No you havent gone on. I am so Thankful for your replay and you kind enough to listen and give great advice. Thank You.its been so nice to be able to talk to people on here that are experiencing the same thingsx

I just dont want to think i am being stupid or selfish esp if people i know going throught hard times and i am just being stupid.

"Re the mefenamic acid u take them with food? If not do because that was the thing the gyno I saw made sure I knew as she said it will make u sick otherwise! If u are taking them with food it sounds like they are not agreeing with you."

I have taken them before meals, i dont think they argree with me, tho i aint sure when you are meant to take them, i read you meant to take them before you period starts, or when you are on your period. she didnt give me much advice about the them, so i am unsure , so i decided not to carry on takeing them as i worried about taking them.

I read up alot about who Endo is detected and that it cant be even seen on an ultrasound scan, and cant be felt. When i did go to my appointment, it was when i was having the most pain and when i was experiencing chest pain also. I leant fomr here to more pain you are in, you heart rate increases, ( didnt think anything like that tho i should of know that) so maybe thats why i was experienceing that pain, but my Doctor didnt even think anything of that, so it was Hormonal and my underactive thyroid.

"Sorry if this is too personal and feel free not to answer. Infact u don't need to answer it was just something you may not have considered til now but do u find intercourse painful and having a smear painful? If so mention this too as that a sign of endo too"

Its ok, i am not in a relationship, and only had sex once with my last partner 8 years ago, so i wont know if it hurt during intercourse. I have had smear tests and they are very painful, i did have have to have recall once from undeacted cell. my last one was ok, i dont think i am due for my next one untill next year.

I myself find it hard to talk to the Doctors i get nerves and forget what i reall y need to say, and like you just nod to what the Doc says. So thats why i write everything down

and when i went i showed my Doc what i wrote.

Its hard as i dont really have a female figure to talk to about this, as i grew up in a male world, with my dad and two brothers, as my mother left when i young, so am learning about this all late, its hard to try and explain this to my dad, so i guess i am glad to have found this site to try and talk about this.

Thank you so much for your reply.. and you kind words, sorry if i have gone on to much, i guess i am trying to work out thingsxx Thank you i am an ear for you if you need to talkx

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squidgy in reply to Emi83

Me again!

No need apologise for going on, as you are not. We all need to get off our chest how we are feeling and if this is not the place then where is?! :-)

Re the mefenemic acid tablets. I was told by the gyno to take them a few days leading up to the period and during if need be. They could also be taken with paracetamol to help. However as I was getting pains a lot during the month way before my period I was trying take them. I say trying as I struggle to swallow tablets and they are quite big. They did help ease the pain, but I must admit made me feel a little woosy/nauseous. I took them mid meal so had some food in stomach already and then finished eating. But like u say it def sounds like they r not agreeing with you. Ask GP if anything else can try? It may be they recommend hormonal tablets which I have declined and the gyno didn't want to give as I am still in child bearing age and not had a child so they didn't want to bring about menopause symptoms.

Sorry to hear about your mum leaving you and not having many female support around you. That cannot be easy. Is there a male in your life who u think may be able to cope with the details a bit better than others? I like your idea of writing a list. I have done this, but then either left it at home or feel it not right time to get it out as dr seems off. If that makes sense?

This site is fab and like you say where would we be without it?! Makes us feel normal and human and not alone.

I hope goes ok when u go back to the drs.

I have gone on again. One day I will do a short reply and that will be a shock! tee hee! x best wishes to you emi83 xx

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Emi83 in reply to squidgy

Thank You for such kind wordsx and please dont be sorry you havent gone on,you have given me some sound advice and listened to me, which i am so thankful forx And i know myslef i do go at times, and say sorry for that too, i guess we are to alittle that wayx

I agree i myself struggle to swallow the tables aswell, and they do make me feel dizzy and sickly/sick, so i thought i better stop taking as i was unsure if i was taking them right.

The Doctors was thinking about me takign the Pill, but because of my mirgraines i was experiences she throught u was best not to, as she said they can make mirgines worse somethink like that. Nothing like hormonal tablets were suggests, but proberlly as my age aswell .

Thank youx its been hard not really knowing about female problems and stuff, you sort of cant go to you dad or brothers and say erm.... i aint in a relationship to try and take about the details of things, so i guess its all finding it on here with such kind people like yourself, gathering thoughts and relating.

I sometimes write all down, then do forget it, doh... but i keep i peice of paper in my pocket and when i am waiting try and remember it all, i find it a bit easy and less nerve racking to give it to the Doc, esp when your waiting you feel more nervous.

I agree, this site it brill, trying to bring this illness to light, more needs to be known, we were never tought about these problems that could happen during periods at school, just that it happens each month and why blar blar, but i think girls should know more about this things esp if like myself dont have a female infulence to relay on and talk too. I had to learn from school girls talking about it.It good i found this site to talk and relatex

Thank you for you reply, and i am sorry i go on as wellx

Take carex

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squidgy in reply to Emi83

Very true re the education at school. I remember it being very basic as in you have a monthly bleed you can use a tampon (demonstration in water given) or a towel. End of education on that! Mind you that was 20 years ago! But I bet not much has changed.

Yeh must be hard for you to talk about things when not really got any females to talk to about it. Feel free to ever inbox me on here if you ever want a chat. It not a prob at all. I think even if do have females around you it can still be hard to talk openly about it all as you not want to seem like you are going on about things and can't be as open. Whereas on here it is easier to be open and honest. If that makes sense?

I hope something gets done for you soon hun x

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Emi83 in reply to squidgy

Thank you for your kindnessxxx your right it can be hard to even talk to other females too as your right you dont want to seem like you are going on and moaning ect (sorry if i am going on) and some woman just say " well we all have to go through it, get over it " blar blar... i guess it just find the right people to talk and relate, who can understand, so thank you for you thoughts and understand and well everyone on here too, xxx

I dont think schools have changed esp when under age preganacy is on a high, and STD ect.. i dont think any care and understanding has been tought.

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squidgy in reply to Emi83

you don't need apologise as you are not going on, bless you. Totally agree with what you said. Hope you having a good day today x

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Emi83 in reply to squidgy

Thank You for your kindness, its hard nowdays to find people to talk to , esp nowadays people move on in life and get too isolated in the Facebook world ect and you lose what you throught your real friends were ect.. But its only by chance you come on site where you get truth and understanding, with true help and advice with out negative. How are things going for youx

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squidgy in reply to Emi83

Very true.

Me? Once again, as usual, having an up & down time. Felt quite teary last night as just so fed up with it all. But we all get days like that. Hope u ok.

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Emi83 in reply to squidgy

Thank you for your replay, and sorry for just recieveing this messagex. How are you? sorry you've been having a hard time. i havent been feeling to bright myself, big stomark pains/cramps/throwing up and tired alot, just all over the place like yourself, but i guess we all have up and down times/ days like yourself, its just finding the way to get aroundx just glad we can all get together and talk on herex

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squidgy in reply to Emi83

Hi. No need apologise, totally understand. I haven't been on here much this past week as been throwing up, stomach cramps,bowel probs, fever at the same time as my menstrual. Not sure if got a flu bug on top of the menstrual (due to throwing up) or if throwing up is now a new thing for me to experience with the endo. I have always felt very nauseous with it to the point of wanting to be sick but never have been.Not managed to eat much as been feeling so ill. Been so teary and low too this past week. Not helped that I had the endoscope which was horrible as the sedation didn't work! As I thought it showed as normal.

Sorry groaned on a bit there!

Sorry to hear that you too have been having a horrible time of it recently too. I hope it eases for you very soon so you get some respite from it.

Hi Emi

Squidgy has given you some excellent advice above and I am really just adding my reply to say that although your GP sounds to have been thorough in trying to diagnose you it is not entirely reasonable to put all your symptoms down to an under-active thyroid. Before we look at endo have you been prescribed thyroxine to aid your underactive thyroid? You should also be having regular blood tests to check how your thyroid is doing and that the level of thyroxine you are on is the correct one for you.

Also reiterating what Squidgy has said in that the time has now arrived for your GP to refer you on to a gynaecologist. The initial tests and scans she has performed or sent you for have been useful but endo can only be diagnosed through a laparoscopy and will not show up on ultrasound scans.

It sounds as though you feel able to speak openly to your GP and she may be considering a referral to gynae as the next step for you anyway.

Good luck at your next appointment

Caroline, x

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Emi83 in reply to LittleMissManx

Thank you so much for your replay and kindness.

Any advice and help is fine, i am so thankful to be able to talk about this and found some kind people who reply and listenx Thank You.

I was perscribed Levothroxine tables for my underactive Thyroid, 25 micrograms each day, when i went about this problem, i did have a blood test to check everything was ok, i didnt hear about about results, so i think its all ok.

It was a diffenent Doctor i saw that day, My normal Doctor male, recommented i see her because of my nerves i may feel better talking about period problems with her, she had said she read up on my history, she was reading it as i was sat with her, so i thought she knew my past details. She new about my past Scan which was last year now and they other things i explained.

I might be easier to go to the Doctor now they other problems i been experienceing be on file, so i can get another opinionx

Thank You so much for you reply and listeningx i am sorry if i have gone on, its so nice to be able to relate and talk about itx Thank Youx

Hi Emi, my endo specialist told me that blood on stools would only be Endo if the Endo has grown IN the bowel. Or it is a gastro problem and I would hazard a guess that this needs to be checked first as a gynae laporoscopu wouldn't necessarily pick it un in the bowel. i suggest if U do get an Endo diagnosis ask to be referred to an Endo specialist as they do more with the Endo effects on the bowel than gynae who dont touch the bowel. Took me 18 years to get diagnosed so u might have to do research and ask gp for referrals.urself - my gp didnt even know the Endo specialist centre 15 miles away existed xxx

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Emi83 in reply to

Thank you for your kind replyx I been trying to read up about it more. I notice it only happens towards my period is due, so is it more a sigh of Endo? thats what is worrying me more.

That must of hard on you , 18 years and no one taking notice, esp when you had a Endo Specialist centre so close to you. :-(

Hope i am not being rude in asking, what symptoms did you experience?

So thankful i have found this site to talk and relate to kind people and gather information about thisxx

Thank Youx

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