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Please help me to help others

Please help me to help others

I am 44 and thankfully my chronic endo pain seems to be in remission since the birth of my daughter 3 years ago. I want to use this time to help other suffers. Would a tailored holistic programme specifically aimed at endometriosis, cysts and menstral and infertility issues be helpful? This would include:

Personal support and counselling, in person (in North Kent/London) or via skype/phone/email

Nutritional advice and recipes

Advice on and supply of supplements

Homeopathic and Bach flower remedies

De-stressing techniques such as meditation and yoga

Pain relief techniques such as EFT (tapping acupressure points) and Reiki

Online forum and regular blog

I would be very grateful for your comments on this programme. Would you subscribe? Have you had relief using these methods? I would be grateful for your input.

With love to all my fellow suffers. My heart goes out to you.



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