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Please tell me I'm not the only one

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Hi guys,

So long story short I'm waiting for my lap which is the end of September and my pain is just becoming worser and worser each cycle.

So after trying codine, cocodamol, tramadol and now morphine nothing is easing my tummy pains. I'm currently on a low dose of morphine and today I had to leave work early because my pain was unbearable. I waited in the car for 20 mins of pain, waiting a further 20 mins to get the feeling back in my legs and my energy up until I drove home and went straight to sleep. That was the fourth flare I'd had today.

I'm so exhausted fighting this pain please tell me there are other people on here who can relate.

I remember reading about people going to the emergency room for pain relief and honestly not believing it could get that bad and they must not have a high pain threshold. OMG I BELIEVE YOU NOW!

Just looking for advice on how you lovely ladies deal with this without loosing your mind in the process. πŸ˜ͺπŸ˜ͺ


7 Replies
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So sorry to hear you are in so much pain, let me assure you, you are not on your own, I have to take large amounts of Morphine every day as well as pregablin, Morphine patch along with a lot of other rubbish that is not good for you, even with all that I still feel some pain, it's the fatigue that gets to me the most and the bloating, everyone here is in a similar situation to yourself so any advice, help or just a place to rant, then this is the place x

Thank you for your reply! I've been back to the docs today and have got 50mg of morphine now 😩

Yes it's the exhaustion that's horrendous! Sorry to hear you are in the same pain. Hugs xxxx

Omg you literally echo how I'm feeling. Had to go back to the docs today because tramodal isn't working and I'm in agony. I'm 23 going on 90, currently have no self - esteem. Was diagnosed last year with severe endo and endo on the bowel. Been pestering the hospital regularly for a date of my operation but nothing. I've considered going private however I can't afford it. Feel like I'm going round and round in circles but not getting any further forward. I completely appreciate I'm not the only person in the world however people wouldn't let an animal suffer for this long πŸ˜– sending massive healing hugs hun xx

I'm 22 going on 90. I feel your pain πŸ˜ͺ.

I didn't every think something like this we bring me so emotionally low, the thought of my getting myself ready for a night out is something I used to look forward to and now dread because 1. I never know when this pain will creep up on me and 2. I feel like I low awful being so bloated and my Moro is if you feel like crap you always think you look like crap. πŸ’©

I really hope you get the operation you so desperately need xxxxx

The waiting is the worst, isn't it? I am waiting on a diagnostic laparoscopy (likely around October time) even though a MRI has shown endo. The extent is now known.

When I asked what else I could take for pain, something was suggested that would start the menopause. I'm only 28 - thanks, but no thanks!

I didn't even get asked if I wanted to have children. Meanwhile, my pain is getting worse as time goes on! This condition sucks!!!

Omg, that's awful!!! I really hope you find some effective form of pain relief soon! πŸ’žπŸ˜£ x

You poor lady. I know pain. I have now lived with it for 29 years having crons disease and endometriosis auturitus your pain barrier gets higher ever day. The pain gets worse at night time goes into your back and you walk round like a bannana. You your bashing your head against a brick wall. Try things to get rid of the pain that are illegal and they work for a while then you are back to tramadol codeine ect I mix tablets. I find that steroids prenisolone help with imflamatom that's if you are lucky enough to be offered them you feel like your internal organs are going to explode but seriously if you are in that much pain taking drugs like you are you shouldn't be working I no you can cut your working hours through I'll health and get extra money from benefits to help you. The stress doesn't help. And the fact that you start thinking you have cancer instead of what you really have it screws with your brain

The nhs is not as it was. I just go along now best I can. Goid luck love keep pushing. And chin up keep gping to the doctors and if you are not happy go to a and e

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