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Post period UTI Symptons

After some advice...

Does anyone else have UTI Symptons after their period?

I had a lap in Feb and had endo removed just had my 3rd cycle since lap and yet again I have UTI Symptons. During surgery they did a cystoscopy due to continued bladder problems and was told I have chronic cystitis which I am now on preventative antibiotics every day which hep throughout month but I seem to struggle after every period... Does anyone else have this and have any advice??

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Yes, I get a discomfort on emptying my bladder, around this time of my cycle. I've been told it is likely because I have a small endo nodule on my bladder. I'm stage 4, with quite a few adhesions,bowel is mainly my issue.

If it is an infection the pain would be all the way through the cycle, and antibiotics would have cleared it up?

It may make a difference depending where you are being seen?



Sorry to read this, poor you :( I don't have that, but I have to say that before being diagnosed with endo (in April this year) - I kept getting UTI's. And when I say 'kept getting' I mean - I have 13 over 12 months. I was literally on antibiotics loads to the point where the doctors were worrying about my building up a resistance to them. Anyways, the gynae. (before exploratory lap. was done) said that maybe there was endo on my bladder, causing this to happen.

I had my op. - was riddle with endo (their words!!) womb was really tilted due to it pulling on it and both ovaries and fallopian tubes were stuck to my walls by it. BUT, I spoke to the surgeon who performed it and he said there was endo near my bladder, there was a lot but none in that area. So I am totally miffed as to why I kept getting them. I drink a LOT of water etc so I was hoping it was endo related.

Having read your post though, I'm starting to think that endo. is causing it? Having said all this, I've not had a UTI for a few months now *touchwood*

Hopefully someone else sees your post and is more helpful than me! But I felt I should reply as the whole UTI thing was really getting me down, I was always in tears as sometimes it was really, really bad :(


Hi! I had lap last June to remove endo in PoD. I have been suffering these symptoms for the past few days since my period ended and came across your post. Did you find out any more about what was going on? I'm also feeling nauseous and exhausted. Got a GP appt for Tuesday but hadn't realised so many people have linked these symptoms with endo!

K. X


Sorry I have only just seen this... I'm going brought further tests with a urogyneacology....


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