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Hospital appointment

Just got my results back, I have found out my right overys is stuck to my womb and when it comes apart I bleed and it leaves more scar tissue when it reattached. After having the pain for 5 years in and out of hospital, doctors I m finally got an appointment with gynie / endo consultant in August. I have been taking the pill to see if has reduced the pain but it seems to me it is getting worse. When I go in August I'm not to sure what to expect can anyone help, many thanks

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Hi M1chalemc, I'm sorry to hear that you have to wait such a long time to see the specialist. Before I went to see endo consultant I did a list with all my symptoms and took a little diary with me, where every day I was registering my pain and my periods. During the consultation I've been asked to describe how I feel and my symptoms. He examined me and explained me all the available options. I hope it helps x


That's brilliant idea at least I can show the diary and not miss anything out thank you


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