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Awaiting diagnosis

Awaiting diagnosis - please help me!! I'm 23yrs old, I have been suffering with pains for as long as I can remember unless I'm on some sort of birth control. Cerelle really helped me but now me and my partner are trying for a baby - been TTC since August 2015. So far I have had 3 ultrasounds which found nothing but my gynaecologist thinks I do have endometriosis. Now I am awaiting an appointment with gastroenterologist for a colonoscopy as my gynaecologist says he needs me to have this done first as I suffer with constipation alot, bleeding and pain when on my period. He says it's dangerous to do a lap without checking this first. It's really getting me down, I can't do anything whilst I'm on my period I can't even stand up most of the time the pain is just horrific. I feel like I can't keep doing this each month I was just wondering  what people's thoughts were about going back onto the pill until I have had the laparoscopy, have any of you been on the pill and still got a diagnosis as I don't want to start taking it again if it's going to delay the process of getting diagnosed? My ideal world would be to go back on the pill until I've had a laparoscopy and it's treated and then start trying again for a baby - is this possible or am I just dreaming??  Please help xxx 

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I don't think the pill makes a difference to the diagnosis. The pill only alleviates the symptoms, it does not reduce the actual endometriosis. So you will still get the same diagnosis with a laparoscopy.



The pill shouldn't delay any diagnosis, it'll just slightly ease the pain for you in the meantime. 

I was on the pill and implant for 4 years whilst waiting for someone to actually listen to what was wrong with me. 

I have IBS which gives me constipation etc and the gyno never mentioned for me to have a colonoscopy before my lap..?

I had ultrasounds, transvaginal ultrasound and a camera in my womb. They can't diagnose it until they've done the diagnostic lap :( 

My gyno did an internal examination and was moving my womb around and I squealed with pain, she knew from then that it was more than likely endo but needed to do the op to be sure. 

I hope it gets done soon for you and works. Don't worry about fertility as the more you worry the harder it will be to get pregnant.


It is possible to get pregnant!! You aren't dreaming :)


Thanks for your replies I think il get on to my gp tomorrow to talk about going back on the pill until it's sorted x 


Are you on any sort of pain relief? X


Because I get constipated I'm only on paracetamol and 1 naproxen in the morning and 1 at night x which doesn't really touch the sides when I'm in real bad pain 


My daughter was in a  similar  situation she was in excruciating pain with no diagnosis  she was told to go on the pill to help with the pain this was well before she had her surgery and it was confirmed she did have endometriosis  so if  the pill helped you before it wouldn't do any harm to go back on the pill    At least till after surgery and you know what you're dealing with   Good luck with it all and I hope all goes well xx

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