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Throbbing and Shooting Pain

Hi Guys,

I am currently waiting on a scan to get checked up on a cyst and also to see if I need to get referred to a gyno regarding Endo as they suspected this in my last scan, and with me having a lot of the symptoms and it running in my family, I'm pretty sure it's a no brainer. I'm finding though I'm having throbbing pain on my left side where my ovary is, does anyone else get this? Last night I was also in quite a bit of pain as i was getting shooting pain going up (down there) and it did this every few minutes .. Has anyone else has this? With my husband I think we are going to start trying for kids as soon as we move into our house in a couple weeks because my pain has been getting worse with my periods, and I don't want to risk there being any issues, would you recommend tying before requesting a laproscopy to confirm the condition?? 

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Hi I would have the lap first so that you can rule out potential problems , especially if you have cysts that may compromise fertility. It would be better to have any endo and cysts removed to create a better environment for embryo plantation. Good luck.

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Thanks for your advice! Xx


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