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Suspected Endometriosis

Hi all, I'm new to this but was wondering if anyone can offer any advice. I've been going back and forth to the doctors for about 19 months now - due to suffering with heavy painful periods.

I had a transvaginal scan back in November and found out I have a small, but pesky, fibroid. 

I'm currently not on any contraception (I haven't been for 2 and a half years now) and I had my first referral to a gynaecologist a few weeks ago. 

My periods are excruciating - they consist of sharp pains in my abdomen, heavy blood flow and excruciating pain in my right hip; the only way I can describe this pain is like someone shoving a screwdriver in my bone.

I explained this pain to my GP and he reckons it can be referred pain and that my right ovary feel very tender. 

I am currently on my period and have noticed that I have had pain where my right kidney is located. It feels similar to when I've had a kidney infection. 

I am booked in for a consultation this Thursday and have opted to have a hysteroscopy and laparoscopy under general anaesthetic. They suspect I may have endometriosis, however can it spread to other parts of the body? Anyone had similar symptoms? Any comments would be appreciated.

thanks in advance ladies xx

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Hi, yes Endo can spread to other parts of the body - exists in the peritoneal cavity affecting the reproductive organs, bowel and bladder most commonly. Essentially the endometrial cells can set up home anywhere they get a chance if not regulated by the immune system; some people even have Endo in their lungs though this is very rare. I would recommend reading up as much as you can. 

If you have excision surgery at a bsge endometriosis centre with a specialist you stand the best chance of having a successful surgical outcome. After this I would go on either the pill or a course of hormone injections (your consultant will guide you as to what's most appropriate for the stage of Endo you have) to prevent recurrence of the disease. Xx


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