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possible endo in my bowels

Afternoon ladies,

I wanted some advice really. i had 2 laps last year, with severe endo on my right ovary and in my rectum (lovely i know)!

The second lap my consultant gave me the coil to manage the pain and the endo, i still have crippling pain a few times a month which i struggle with but im not giving in without a fight!

recently i have been having trouble passing stools which is completely out of character and i think endo might have come back and is causing my bowels grief.

has anyone else had this and do you know how it is treated? i have an appointment with my GP later on today so will wait to see what they suggest.

thanks in advance :)

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Hi - you need referral to a specialist BSGE centre. This is NHS protocol - endo involving the bowel must not be dealt with in general gynaecology. Click on my name and look at my posts on the treatment pathway and how to find a specialist centre. 


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