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First appointment


This is the first time I've been on this website and have found reading other cases relatable. Everyone seems very supportive which is lovely to see :)

I'm 21 and I have been suffering with severe abdominal ovary pain on and off since last summer (2015) and got admitted to hospital a few times, last night again :( 

My doctors thought it was IBS at first, which I have got but I know how to manage it. Then I got referred to gastro for a colonoscopy and endoscopy which were both clear. The gastro even said it was a waste of time from the clear colonoscopy result, however I assume it's box ticking.

Upon my doctors advice I have had the Mirena coil since October 2015 due to possible endometriosis and having dysmenorrhea. I seem to have suffered more since having it in. Not sure if anyone else is the same? Just irregular bleeding, stabbing pains that leaves me doubled over, increased anxiety and fatigue. I want it out but I have been advised to keep it in until my appointment which is later this month. Hoping to get this sped up because the pain is debilitating, as I'm sure you all know :(

I recently had PID as a result of the coil and the nurse basically said she would take it out because she doesn't think it's doing me any good.. However, then I wouldn't have given it a 'fair trial'..

What do they usually do on the first gynae appointment visit?

Any advice or comments will be greatly appreciated! 



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Had my first app on mom and I had a transvaginal scan (internal scan). Dr saw a cyst and booked me in for urgent surgery. Because of my symptoms he's worried I might have endo on my bowel. Having a laparoscopy to find out and to remove the cyst and any endo he can find. If it's on my bowel tho I'll have to go back for more surgery 


Oh no, I'm sorry to hear that :( At least they did a scan on your first app! I hope surgery goes ok, keep me posted, best of luck 🍀 X

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