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First appointment

Had my gynae appointment today and I didn't even get to talk to the gynae I was refered to. It was the young assistant Dr. She was lovely and asked about everything. Mainly focusing on doing STI tests. Had these done already and have been with my husband for 10 years so do not see why this was a major focus.

She says I will get a lap appointment within 3 months.

I'm in so much pain I don't know how I can mentally cope much longer 😢😢😢

And she said they will not touch anything unless it is life threatening. They only treat with the pill. Which I don't want after trying a lot before I got the merina coil and i like the merina coil. I got depressed on them.

I asked her to double check that they will not remove if they find any endro and she came back saying they defiantly will not remove.

I asked if I could get the lap done with the endro specialist in Edinburgh and she said no they cant send people from Fife there.

I'm feeling so emotional now and I'm in agony after she pulled at my cervix for about 2 min 😢😢😢

Sorry I know this all so pathetic And I sound like I am being a spoilt brat. I just hate this pain and being treated like its not an issue.

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I think Edinburgh only see you if endo confirmed. I would ask for a 2nd opinion. Why not remove it at time to lap. You ask write to consultant asking to discuss with them or state u want a 2nd opinion. It usually done by gp but patient can request it too as i did it. pill didnt help me so can understand your reluctance.

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Hi Sam

I have put the link below to the Edinburgh centre. They wouldn't be on the BSGE list if they didn't carry out the most complex endo surgery as they have to prove their skill in order to be on the list. Click on the endometriosis team tab and it will show you all the specialists who operate together.


I have today phoned NHS Scotland in an effort to find out what rights you have in Scotland and have left a message and have just sent an email to the centre in Edinburgh. Will let you know the outcome x

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Wow Lindel, thank you so much. You are like the fairy godmother.

Is it normal That an assistant Dr seen to me and not the consultant that I was told I would see?

Also being told they will only look during the lap and not remove? It doesn't even match the feedback I got from other girls who were treated only a few weeks ago.

I still do not have any answers. She kept focusing on sti's. I don't see why she would when I am clearly a very low/NO risk of STI.

I just need the pain to go away.


Thank you so much. I have arranged to talk to my doctor about it. He has been great so I hopefully he will make a call. Things had settled slightly the past couple of weeks compare to how bad the pain was while I was in hospital. But after having me cervic "teased" in the examination on Friday, I am now in terrible pain right under my hip bones, also very tired. Hopefully it settles soon. X


I have just called my gp to ask for a referral to Edinburgh and he said I'd have to be diagnosed with an advanced stage of emdrometriosis before I can be refered to the specialist in Edinburgh or Aberdeen.

So I have to wait for lap appointment, they will look and if they diagnose an advanced stage then my gp will refer me.

Looks like I just need to learn how to cope with the pain without becoming addicted to pain killers or depressed. And hopefully in 3 months I will have an answer.


Hi again Sam. That is very good news, but note that what your doc has said about your endo having to be severe to get referred is not correct. The underlying principle of the BSGE scheme is that it must be accessible to all endo patients with any stage (see below). This is the only way we might eventually ensure that it doesn't get a chance to become severe for any woman by being dealt with properly in the first place at an early stage.

Clearly until more centres are set up it is unfortunately unrealistic for them to see all patients but as your gynae isn't going to be removing your endo then you will need to insist on being referred to have it removed whatever the stage. And having your gynae do nothing is the best thing you could hope for. So many women are in their situation due to inappropriate attempts to remove it by those not qualified.

Have a look at the link below that states the requirements of the centres:


Note these quotes:

'As endometriosis is a common condition and the aim of the BSGE is to improve treatment for all patients with the disease...'

'Whilst all degrees of severity of endometriosis may be treated within the service it is a requirement that at least 12 cases of recto-vaginal endometriosis which require dissection of the para rectal space, are treated by surgery each year.'

What this means is that the centres are intended to treat all endometriosis patients but in order to keep their skills up in the most complex cases they must do a minimum amount of those.

Don't worry about this for now though - no point in rocking the boat. But if the time comes that they say you have mild or moderate endo and nothing more is to be done then get back to me about exercising your rights. x


Hi, sorry for the long wait, I'm also waiting on a hysterectomy date, 2/3 months, also in daily pain, it's a complete nightmare,

But what we should both do is keep trying to get a cancelation by ringing the secretary and the appointment dept, well that's what I'm going to do, hopefully be lucky,


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hi sam, firstly you are NOT pathetic at all, please dont think that at all, i always saw the junior dr but when i had my last hormone injection the nurses very kindly req my next app to be with the actual consultant, i had a lap done in 13 and the consultant found my bowel was stuck to my womb so i couldnt really see them doing a lap and not doing anything for you.

i hope you get seen soon.

sending hugs



I can't get over how lovely and supportive you ladies are!

Thank you

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Hi sam

I had a lap about 3 1/2 years ago and they removed some of the endometriosis - however mine went undiagnosed for so long that all of my organs were stuck together and I had to have a full hysterectomy - they also discovered I had a.huge endometrial cyst which was also removed. for the 1st 6 months after surgery everything was fantastic - they then introduced hrt into the mix because of my age and it has bn downhill since. I am now in as much pain as I was before the hysterectomy. I am waiting to see the gynae again and I have contacted the endometriosis centre in Edinburgh to ask how I go about getting referred. Think my gp will also be able to do the referral so just keep pushing for it

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