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Waste of time!!

Hi ladies,

I had my "follow up" appointment yesterday. What a WASTE of time! I didn't even see my gyne I saw one of the registrars. He had my surgical notes out and got me to sit there reading them, not fully understanding what's what. Obviously said that I had endometriosis but also they found slight fibroids. 

He then went on to say "what treatment do you want"... Ummm isn't that your job to tell me? He then says you can have the coil, combined pill or zoladex injection. I have noooo idea what each one does or what each one will do to help me! I go onto mentioning that since surgery I still don't feel right, I keep bloating, I'm still in pain and heavy bleeding. He tells me there's something wrong with my bowel and then stops and goes onto Google to search endometriosis. Tells me I need to go onto Internet at home and research.

After me saying I'm here for you to help me, I don't know what medication would help! I'm not the doctor. He gets out a book and goes to the index, searched endo, goes to the page, gets me to read it out?! He then gets another book with a list of the combined pills and asks me to choose one! Un bloody believable. I got my bag and said I've had enough and walked out. 

You literally could not script the whole thing! Will be ringing my gyne secretary this morning to complain and demand another appointment with somebody who actually knows what they are doing!

I am still non the wiser than before the appointment. I am so fed up and down I can't explain. Sorry for the rant 😔

Ellis xxx

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Hi Ellis, please put in that complaint. What happened is completely unacceptable.

I'm sorry you were treated this way . When you call to make new appointment tell them you only want to see your consultant. Let us know what they say Hun.


Agree you should def get another appointment. Though also agree you need to read up and be informed yourself as it will help you to decide what is the best option for you personally. They usually give you a range of options but can't force you down one particular path as most treatments have negative as well as positive effects - in a 15 min appointment the most they can do usually is print out info for you to read or suggest you read up yourself to decide as they only have time to give you the headlines.

Here's a starting point. Read as much as you can about treatments and Endo in general it will make the appointments go easier.


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I complained about one registrar who basically ignored my records (i.e. pain matrix) and...worse...when I mentioned that I was so depressed I often considered suicide she said "Well, clearly that's not what we want but it's up to you".....!!!!  I still cannot understand why doctors insist on providing us with hormone treatments which have oestrogen in them when clearly endo feeds on oestrogen and so it can make it much worse?!

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Hi, wow that is a bad appointment, are you under a bsge centre, if not go to gp and ask for a refferal, check out bsge website find one close and take to gp, xx


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