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Bath after laproscopy?

Hello ladies,

Hope you are all well and enjoying the bank holiday weekend!

Quick question: when can I have a bubble bath? 

I had my surgery on April 21st, scars are cleans and not oozy at all although the little thread stitches are still in. 

I feel great in myself and really want a nice warm bath right now but they said not for 2 weeks post surgery. 

I also had a hysteroscopy and have a teeny amount of brown discharge (sorry!) hardly noticeable.

Just wondering why they say this and has anyone had a bath before the 2 weeks? 

Thanks in advance! X

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I had my lap on the 20th and had my first bath yesterday quite a quick ish one but was so nice and scars look fine and healing  mine appear to be completely just glued if that's possible?? as had no dressings at all and haven't seen and still can't see any stitches and the 3 little wounds definitely covered with a glue to protect them. That starting to peel off now too :) 


Hi they say not to have a bath because you in still water that you are washing with which could cause infection. I'd leave it for a few more days to be on the safe side.


Hi, I had a bath a week after my surgery and I stayed in it for hours. It was a bubble bath too. I'm not advocating it necessarily (I'd listen to medical advice over me!) but I was told to wait only a week. It helped me no end, I hope you enjoy one when you do take the plunge! :-) x


I had a bath a week after with no bubbles. Low water that didnt submerge me fully under water.

Oh how i missed it when i wanted one xx


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