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Career women, juggling endo and a career!?

Hello Ladies, I am a Senior Manager with a busy stressful job. I often work 10 hour days without a break and still try to attend gym classes, walk my dogs, keep up with housework blah blah... I had my lap 6 months ago and still haven't healed properly. My GP often tells me I am doing too much, but I don't really see what I can stop doing. 

So I wondered what career women are doing on here, how do you cope with the daily grind coupled with pain and exhaustion? 

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God you are doing well, I only work part time in a cafe, I have 3 sons as well, and I've just been signed off for a month, can't cope with working ATM,

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3 sons sounds like a mega challenge in itself !



I went from 100% to 80 and now i only work 60%. I 'm a caregiver and since i start workin 60% i feel like have my life in control esp the pain, i avoid stress cos as soon as i start to stress u know exactly what happen. Its amazin somedays i can work like a maniaci and then i feel i can just sit on the sofa the whole day cos of feelin so drained.   I told myself my health comes first   and if i'm not goin to watch out what i'm doin who will. Though i cannot compare myself with you cos i have no kids but i use to work my butt of and i tell u it aint worth. My health comes first and thats priority. 

Greetz xoxoxoxo... 


U need 2 take a break lady. Your body needs time 2 heal physically and mentally. I understand life doesn't stop but ur health and well being comes before work xx


I know the feeling. I have been fortunate that since my last lap in 2012 I have been a lot better. However it is now getting worse and I have a high stress job 10 to 14 hour days and a none understanding work environment to absence.

Ways I cope... 

Find an effective pain management programme. Be that drugs, tens machine, heat or whatever works for you. 

Diet is important, ginger helps reduce inflammation so I find twinning a ginger tea a treat  also gluten free and lots of fruit and veg , in a long day it is hard not to reach for the chocolate but it's better not too. Not that I don't ever give in mind you...

Breaks at work. I have had to learn this the hard way as a lunch break doesn't happen often. However even a 10 minute walk outside can help on bad days  

I also had to learn to switch off and find some me time. There is an app called headspace which does guided meditation but in 10/15 minute slots. Just this helps. Also if your like me then step away from the iPad and mobile!!! This takes practice but you need to learn to switch off.

Don't know if you have a partner, are they supportive? If you do make sure they help out with the house work and other bits.  

Definitely good to exercise as this helps. However make sure you do have some down time.  I always plan some quiet weekends in, especially when busy at work.

It can be so frustrating and I have worked hard to get where I am and while I know the stress doesn't help, the feeling I have to give up and let the endo win infuriates me. However I find it is about balance, I won't give it all up but I have made some changes to my lifestyle.

Off to doctors this week so this is  very current issue for me.

 Hope some of this helps, thinking of you and take care of yourself xx


Thank you for the very detailed answer and some helpful tips. I see a holistic lady once a month for massage, and I go to a monthly meditation class. So I am working on some things! My hubby is supportive and he does half the chores 😊 Is very difficult as I want to carry on progress in my career, really don't want the endo to hold me back x


Hi i feel your pain. I had a lap in dec and still feel like im recovering emotionally rather than physically. 

I too am a manager of a big team in retail and asked the same question few months back. (Its in my posts if youd like a read)

My boss was not supportive when i told her i will need more laps.

Thought id be back in wrk in few weeks,in the end i ended up having 2 months off.

It gave me time to re evaluate my situation (away from the hectic schedule).  i gave my notice in, in the end and went to a smaller store and team. Less corporate. 

You need to think about you,and put yourself first. I was running myself in the ground. 

It wasnt easy as ive wrked hard to get where i am. I loved my job but love me more.

What are u thinking of doing?

Is your boss supportive?

Could u lower your hrs?



I have very recently started a new job, my boss is supportive to a point but at my level alot is expected of you. I don't really have an option to reduce my hours, and really want to progress further so don't want my endo to hold me back. I just need to somehow find a balance x


You could go the docs and get a reduced hours sick note.

Or cut out the gym?

can you share chores more with your partner?

Endo has a sneaky way of getting in the way. I gave up fighting it and now manage it better with a lower workload and get hubby do more.

Just have plod on and take every pain managed day as a success :)

Hugs xx


Thanks, I think half my problem is I don't actually want to give up anything. I want to be able to everything despite my endo! I'm very stubborn, too stubborn for my own good sometimes! x


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