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Endo and bowels


Hi everyone, I just wanted to know if anyone else is going through this and how do you cope.

I have stage 4 endo and had an excision surgery to remove endo around my bowels, bladder, vagina, ovaries and behind my womb.

Im 8 weeks post opp and im having a poo like 3 times a day my bladder has gone really weak need to run to the toilet otherwise I feel like im going to wet myself and going so often. And also i am suffering with alot of backpains.

Im due to go bk to work next Monday really worried if i can cope with work at the moment.

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I had rectovaginal excision 5 weeks ago. It was major surgery in the end. I have run before I can walk.... started feeling amazing but done too much and now I’m getting pain again 😢

Back pain and also pain where they cut out the endometriosis. Trying not to get down and disheartened. I know it’s just healing but my stupid brain is telling me

Endo is back.. x

Hey, I feel the same all through out my recovery time Iv been like this but I feel every day im feeling worse. Im having some good days but majority bad days. Hoping it’s just the recovery process and nothing else.

Have you spoken to your consultant? Do you think you may have overdone it? I’m pretty certain that’s been my problem. Stay positive... remember surgery is an event, healing is a process x

My next appointment with my consultant is in October. So might see my gp if it carries on like this

That’s an indication of how long they expect you to recover then!!! Mine is around the same time x

Hello :-)

I had 2 bowel resections and excision surgery 14 weeks ago and felt similarly to you as I returned to work after 8 weeks terrified and still not 100%. I tried to strengthen my pelvic floor which appeared to help my frequency and took pain relief for a long time.

I had a phased return to work of 50% hours and didn't do any heavy lifting for 3 weeks. I came home every day and slept for 2-4 hours for a good couple of weeks but made sure I listened to my body. When I returned to heavy lifting jobs, I had help so although I did more, still didn't overdo it. Last weekend was my 1st days alone and I became quite sore after work.

I still get 'scar pains' so stop or reduce whatever I have been doing and rest for a bit.

I had my followup this week, which went well, and the consultant asked my husband if he'd noticed a difference and even he said the last 3-4 weeks were better - I didn't realise he'd taken that much notice.

I hope you have good support around you and your work are able to support you in returning rather than expecting you to return. I wish you all the best :-)

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