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ESA Result

Today I got the letter through the post about their decision after assessing me a few weeks ago. After hearing how difficult it is to be taken seriously with our illness, I was quite surprised to find out that they're putting me in the work related group.

At first I started to hyperventilate, at the thought of having to regularly go to the job centre to talk to them. And to cope with whatever support scheme they send me to. But after thinking about it, I'm starting to think it's not so bad. I originally wanted to be in the group where they don't expect you to work. I feel like I am definitely not ready for any type of work or volunteer work at the moment. But in the near future, I do wish to give myself a purpose in life and maybe have a little job to go to. And with this type of the benefit, they can help me with that. Or maybe I can do volunteer work with animals. So I would enjoy it, but I wouldn't have to take it too seriously as I wouldn't have to worry about losing a job if I had sick days, and wouldn't have to worry about an income. I was also scared of them pushing me into something I didn't like. I've been on job seekers and hated it because I always had to make excuses why I don't want a job or why I can't do a job. But now they will have my illness in mind. So I think I'd be within my rights to tell them that it'd be too much for me, if I thought I can't do it. So I don't think I'd be pressured into anything. And I hope to go to college, so maybe I'd get support if I missed deadlines for assignments if I was off ill.

I had a little cry this morning, because although the benefits will help me out, I just wish I wasn't ill in the first place. If I could, I would instantly trade the money, if it meant I could be well again and had none of these health worries that I have now. But I guess this is the best of what could happen.

So I think I'm quite happy with the outcome. Does anyone know how often you have to go and talk at the job centre? That's the thing I'm least looking forward to.

Are there any more good aspects, or bad aspects about the work related benefit?

Thanks :)

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Hi Jess, I'm so proud of you. You are showing such strength. I agree this could be very good for you. All the best Jean 

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Thank you. I'm trying to have a positive look on it :)

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