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Finally had to admit I can no longer work

Finally I had to admit I can no longer work with my endo pain as in previous jobs I was let go through my illness which is so unfair especially as enjoyed my jobs I have had but I have to admit I cannot hold a job down through this. I couldn't take on a job as I also take liquid morphine which I can't drive when taking and also it makes me sleepy and with pain also, it would not work so I made the big decision at the moment with hospital appointments and maybe future lapaoscopy going on, I just don't know about what the future holds but at the moment my health is more important than working right now. I didn't want this illness to defeat me as I loved my work but since loosing my recent job through this, I have had time to think and I know I can't handle it now.

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I'm sorry:(

I was in IB in school this year and put into self paced so I would only go to school every once in a while, my teachers are getting kinda angry because I keep missing weeks of school anyway so I think even though I'm only 17 I might need to take a year off till my lap. I love school and barely see my friends. My doctors won't give me anything past NSAID's b/c they said they're too dangerous for my health b/c of my age and heart disease running in the family.

I can give a few ideas for income from home, have you heard of etsy?

You can make things like soap or candles and sell them on the site.


Hi Hannah,

No Ive never heard of etsy until you mentioned it?

Would like to know more?




It's like eBay but you sell handmade goods on it:



Thanks I might look into it. Sounds interesting as I need to something to take my mind off my pains.



I am in the exact same situation. I finally decided enough is enough and I have seen a specialist called Dr Ashwini Trehan. He specialises in endometriosis and does a surgury called radical excision. His reviews are amazing and I've got my surgury with him in 5 days.

There is still hope out there for all of us, he is expensive but nothing is too expensive to lead a normal life again.

I hope things go well for you :)


Thanks. I see my gynecologist on the 12/10/16 so I will see what they are going to do with me. I'm excited but getting nervous at what they will do.

I hope things goes well for you too. :) Good Luck with your surgery. :)

Let me know how you get on.

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